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Final SolutionThe Final Solution
Walter Harmidarow
LTD Books

Highly recommended mystery

When young judge Anthony Roberts is murdered Holmes and Watson are set upon a lethal trail which will take them to the wrong side of the law. From the depths of the city to the highest of London's high society Holmes and Watson once again track their old nemesis Professor Moriarty. Only this time they must battle Scotland Yard as well as Moriarty in the effort to clear their names and solve the mystery.

Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Professor Moriarty, Baker Street, Scotland Yard, the cobble stones, sights and smells of London are here. Writer Harmidarow presents a bit of a twist on classic Sherlock Holmes in this fast paced, entertaining work. The Final Solution grabs the reader from the opening lines and holds interest right down to the last paragraph, with a cast of engaging characters, flowing narrative and exhilarating fun. Filled with enough description of setting along with good dialogue the reader is caught up in the action.

The Final Solution rushes readers right along from the opening page to the last line in this intricate well wrought tale. The work is true Holmes at it's most fascinating. Harmidarow has captured the flavor of the original in this captivating tale. A must read for those who love Baker Street type action. Those of us who love Sherlock Holmes can now hope that there will be more to follow.




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