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ElaineElaine's Amazing Stink
Valerie Hardin
Artist: Kym Jones
Writers Exchange ePublishing

Highly Recommended

Elaine is an unhappy little girl skunk. She has lost her stink and believes no one will be her friend. When Betty, Mick and Jay learn Elaine's problem they have an idea. The story ends on a happy note when the little skunks tackle the problem of "Elaine's Amazing Stink".

"Elaine's Amazing Stink" is a delightful little book of 10 pages with text and enchanting illustrations. The little tale is sure to delight children ages 3-8. I believe this book will have value in the classroom, with homeschoolers and as a read at home book. I like the problem presented and the children working together to come to a solution. I am intrigued by 'Flower of Beet.' Years spent in the classroom convince me that children in K-3 will have their funny bones tickled by the whole book and especially the 'Flower of Beet.'

Two things I as a classroom teacher would like to see: state clearly on the book itself the target audience. Teachers and school media personnel do look for this when choosing books for their classrooms. And, I like to see the vocabulary listed at the end of books whether for classroom use or home use.

"Elaine's Amazing Stink" is a good readable little tale presenting a problem and solution in an interesting, child pleasing manner. This is a read to for the 3-5 set and 'read alone' for those who read on a second reader level. The book will lend itself well to classroom 'free reading' use and 'student tutor' use. Home schoolers and parents will find the book of value in their programs.





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