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Bags out at SevenBags out at Seven: A Tale of Too Many Cities
Robert Globerman
Highbridge Press, 2001


"Bags out at Seven" is a fast paced series of 16 chapters recounting some of the adventures and misadventures experienced by Robert Globerman during his days as a 'travel leader.' Globerman was a teacher twice named Teacher of the Year in Ossining, New York. Following his winning a Fulbright Fellowship and Smith Mundt Grant to teach and train teachers in Israel Globerman found he enjoyed travel so much he founded 'Globetrottours, Inc,' a move which was to provide much grist for his future writing.

"Bags out at Seven: A Tale of Too Many Cities" is a tongue in cheek autobiographical work in which writer Globerman gives the reader a peek at some of incidents to be expected by the unsuspecting while on tour. Chapter headings include: Debt On The Nile, Cape May or May Not and My Underwear Is All Over The World. Terrible toilets, bus breakdowns, flight problems, all the things that can go wrong on a trip are to be found between the covers of Globerman's book.

The reader will meet some delightful travelers as well as those Globerman might have wished had missed the flight. Chapters: A Few Bumps, Strained Bedfellows, and What Will I Miss will keep the reader giggling even as they ponder whether they really want to schedule a trip for themselves anytime soon!

"Bags Out At Seven: A Tale of Too Many Cities" is a real page turner from the opening chapter: From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Trips, right down to the last page of chaper 16: And Now? Tis is a fun romp for a lazy afternoon in the hammock or sitting on the porch in a swing during a gentle rain.




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