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A Whisper of RosemaryA Whisper of Rosemary
Colleen Gleason
Avid Press LLC

Highly recommended

Allegra desperately wants to marry Lord Michael. With her maid Maella's words ringing in her ears she knows this is impossible. "My Lady…you cannot fight the king's will." The year is 1137, Lord Merle Lareux is the king's choice for her. Maris, the daughter Allegra was carrying at the time of her marriage is now of marriageable age herself in 1155. Maris is the much loved child Lord Lareux believes is his own. Although Allegra's life with life with Lord Lareux has been reasonably rewarding, she is determined her child will not be faced with the heart rending circumstance of her own marriage day. Allegra had been happy living on Langumont lands. But, her heart had always belonged to Michael.

Colleen Gleason has produced a spellbinding novel set in the time of lords, maids, kings and duplicity. From the opening lines the reader is transported back to the sights, scents and excitement of medieval times. A Whisper of Rosemary is a fascinating, fast paced work sure to keep the reader enthralled.

Writer Gleason's vibrant characters are well thought out personalities having their own identities and idiosyncrasies. Allegra's sorrow for being forced into a marriage she does not want is palpable. Maris the headstrong daughter of Lord Lareux is a youngster parents can understand. She has no desire to marry, however, her father determines that she will marry Victor D'Arcy. Unfortunately D'Arcy is a man who causes Maris nothing but icy fingers down her spine. Ruthless Bon de Savrille determines that if anyone marries the girl, it shall be he. Dirick of Derkland has no interest in marriage, he has returned home only to avenge the barbarous murder of his father. It is not long before the three young men find themselves caught up in a snarl entwining their fate with at of Maris.

The often peppery dialogue writer Gleason employs between the players flows in a natural manner. Gleason's writing is both powerful, and filled with enough detail to keep the reader's attention rapt. A Whisper of Rosemary is an exciting text which is sure to tickle the fancy of those who enjoy more than just a touch of romance interspersed with a downright fascinating mystery. Writer Gleason has produced this narrative with the intention that all royalties will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of her son.




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