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Noble SavageNoble Savage
Judith B Glad
Awe Struck E Books
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Highly Recommended

Katie Lachlan's latest admirer Luke Savage killed a man in a gunfight and is now inflexible in his resolve to never again carry another gun. Riding together on the new transcontinental railroad as Katie runs away from the well-to-do swain stalking her and Luke endeavors to escape his past the twosome discover themselves dealing with their own puissant fascination for one another. The couple soon finds themselves facing many hazards when they are compelled to run away from the train and continue their travel on foot across the biting cold of winter countryside. Katie discovers independence is no match for force as she tries to disengage herself from the suitor who just will not accept no for an answer. Luke realizes that if he is to ransom Katie his pledge of never again wearing a gun may have to be set aside. Katie and Luke's maturing affection is tested by hazard and calamity as they attempt to flee a frontier town on the verge of disorder, gunfighters with a predilection for retribution and the privations to be found in the Wyoming back country in which they are traveling

In her publication "Noble Savage" writer Glad has composed a gripping historical romance filled with mellifluous dialogue, credible instance, commendable, well developed full-of-life characters and setting rich in history and texture. Glad skillfully draws the reader right into the narrative from the opening paragraph and carries the tumult straight through to the last line of the book. This tale filled with excitement, vengeance, devotion and resoluteness is sure to keep the reader turning the pages start to finish. Beaver River City, Wyoming is a perfect backdrop for the narrative to evolve in this nicely researched, well written text. "Noble Savage" is an action packed work reminiscent of the spine tingling drama found in Christine Spindler's Inspector Terry Series. All in all "Noble Savage" was an excellent read.





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