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Diana Garcia
Kensington Publishing

Civic-minded Dr Julia Huerta has made another in her long string of her philanthropic missions for providing medical help in an inaccessible area when a extensive storm requires her private plane to be landed on the personal airstrip of a none too cordial stranger. The young pilot flying her airplane alone is left to wait it out in the home of a handsome, reticient stranger for several days before the foul weather is such that she can proceed with her flight home to Scottsdale, Arizona. During the time spent with cattle rancher Tony Carrera she discovers herself drawn to the aristocratic paradoxical fellow.

Julia's return to Scottsdale is quickly followed with Tony's desire for a redoubling of their initial companionship. It is not until the day of the benefit staged for her Buena Vista clinic that Julia comprehends what the mystery behind the man really is.

Nice romantic tale filled with engaging people and a plausible predicament resulting from an unexpected set of occurrences. Writer Garcia has captured the misgiving felt towards most people entertained by Tony Carrera as well as the misinterpretation regarding the precise characteristics of the whole imbroglio felt by Julia with a proficiency most often found in more experienced writers. She intertwines a satisfactory account around the burgeoning confusion mounting between the pair as she deftly makes known to the reader what that authentic situation regarding Tony and their friendship really is. The book is filled with abundant detail to keep you reading, although it does not admit enough to turn the reader away.

This writer has several more books accepted by Encanto line of Kensington Publishing. I look forward to reading them soon.




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