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Forever AprilForever April
Mac Fletcher
London Circle Publishing

Following the death of his mother, young Richy finds himself placed in a living situation that is not at all to his liking. The thirteen year old is convinced that his mother has been murdered. He has his suspicions and is intent upon gathering the 'evidence' that will prove his case. Finding himself at odds with the care placement he has been sent to Richy sets out to locate the man he believes to be his father only to discover he has left one bad situation for one that is even worse. Richy is abducted, released, startled to realize the band who were holding him have been murdered and becomes the focus of those who do want to help him. Richy, filled with the angst as besets all kids his age, is caught up in a near baffling web of puzzlement, retaliation, and dying before he comes to realize the truth behind the cause of the death of his mother.

"The visitor, his work done, slipped as silently as a phantom into the lounge. He shook a slip of paper from a polyethylene folder onto the table, glided through to the passageway, pulling the self-locking door to with a gloved hand . . . and was gone." B-r-r-r-r! Writer Fletcher sets the tone for chills in this well crafted tale filled with conundrum, kidnapping, assassination and racial undercurrents. Exhibiting much of the same dedication to detail found in David Furlotte's 'Contract For Deceit' along with the heart pounding drama of a William Manchee novel, writer Fletcher has produced a well written, intricate tale full of twists and turns and red herrings galore. Fletcher's work is filled with believable characters, some are downright frightening in their exhibition of machination. The reader is caught up in the story from the outset and carried forward on a bumpy ride filled with lots of suspense, complicity and just plain good reading.

Keep the lights on and doors locked tight!




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