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You Are The ProductYou Are The Product
How to Sell Yourself To Employers
Alison Blackman Dunham

This book is a 'how to' for those seeking new employment or those trying to better their present status. Chapter headings include: Author info, Awesome Power of Image, Strive - Thrive in Interview, Negotiate to Close the Deal, Deliver the Product, Conclusion and are for the most part jam packed with great ideas, advice and good down to earth workable suggestions.

This is a well written, well researched work which should prove to be an invaluable aid for those who are preparing for interviews they hope will lead to the job situation they want. One item I felt might be reconsidered is the author information at the very beginning of the book. This information might be better served if located at the end of the book. Those who are wanting to get to the 'meat' for their own situation may find this information first to be a nuisance.

The book is interesting, comprehensible and readable. The author has obviously done her homework.

I asked my young adult son, who is in the process of job change, to take a look at the book and offer his opinion from the standpoint of one who is the 'target' audience. He felt the work "Looks like a pretty slick production. Content is good, easy to follow and understand. I think the author has a good grasp of the subject material. Particularly liked the section on page 28, the real conversations overheard in NYC. People really are that dumb.

Only thing I would do different is put the "About the Author" info at the back of the book. With this being an online guide, every time a person wants to read it or peruse it, they will have to click past that at the beginning. Makes it a bit more tedious. Also, every printed book I know of has such a page at the back of the book. Why break with conformity?

Liked it very much overall. Good, concise, and professional.




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