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Pot of GoldPot of Gold
by Jay Dubya

Young Adult Fantasy

The Garretts are out for a family trip when twelve year old twins Larry and Janet begin to find 'little people' are appearing in the oddest places. A stop at Limerick Cave leads to the most unexpected adventures. From the Great Cornucopia which supplies needs, the Merry Go Straight, Fountain of Truth and lots of other interesting sites the twins' adventure continues until at last they are returned to the place where they began.

Writer Dubya has produced an entertaining set of circumstances, people and characters in POT OF GOLD. This is a fantasy which transports the reader into a magical land where nothing is quite as might be first thought. The work touches on several moral issues, history, and dilemma facing mankind.

This is one of a series of what author Jay Dubya classes as a Young Adult Fantasy. While the language used is that for Young Adult readers the content of the work is more suited in my opinion to middle grades. This is a tale, I believe, which should have much appeal to the nine to twelve set, but will have less for the more sophisticated sixteen to nineteen year olds.

by Jay Dubya, 2001

Young Adult Fantasy

RECOMMENDED for the 8 - 11 set 4 stars

Changer, a shape-shifter and the youngest son of Enchanta's King Wisher joins New Jersey residents, David and Barbara Morgan in their quest to aid the King. Unfortunately for the people of Enchanta, Wisher has lost his power for wishing during an earthquake. Wings, a flying horse has been sent by the King to find someone who can help save the land from total destruction by the frightful Beneathians. The children along with Changer set out to locate Changer's older brothers, Inventor and Pretender.

Enchanta has been overrun by cruel Beneathians who came up from the center of their world. The Beneathians captured Queen Hope and without Hope King Wisher has stopped believing in his magical powers. David and Barbara are able to reunite the King and his sons. Once reunited the group is ready to try to locate and rescue Queen Hope. During their quest the children meet an interesting group of Enchanta residents including a shaggy-haired barbarian, a babbling brook that really babbles but offers little more than useless prattle, as well as a friendly ram and a curious lion.

Enchanta is the first in a trilogy of playful offerings by writer Jay Dubya. Filled with nonsensical riddles, ludicrous puns, plays on words and hidden meanings this humorous tale is sure to tickle the funny bone of the 8-11 set. Hidden within jocularity, buffoonery and absurdity are themes of self reliance, conviction and bravery as otherwise implausible characters join in the spirit of challenging experiences. The narrative technique employed by writer Jay Dubya is at times a bit adult for younger kids, nevertheless the humor and silliness filling the work through fun with words and ideas makes Enchanta a good giggle for kids.




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