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Crashing Out In The AlphabetsCrashing out in the Alphabets
Garrett Diamond
1st Books, 2001


"The gun fires Dick's head explodes .."

Kevin works for Dick Rogers. The relationship could be better. Every relationship in Kevin's life could be better. Between his work at Loon Animation, rushing to catch the train at Grand Central and drinking more than anyone should drink Kevin's life is difficult at best. Kevin's latest honey Lucy is a crack head, he is only mildly bothered. They stumbled over one another in an alley, what more could be expected? Then she is found on the street, beaten to death, and he is alone again. The worrisome thing for Kevin is that death becomes a regular happening for those associated with the comic animation firm. Kevin isn't real sure just what he should do. The police stumble all over their feet before they finally begin to have a pretty good idea who the culprit might be.

Writer Diamond's "Crashing Out In The Alphabets" is a hard hitting, fast paced tear through the wreckage we humans often leave in our wake. Diamond's characters are not always very pretty or likeable, but they sure are believable. Both the dialogue between the various players, and their behavior toward one another is painful to take at times. Kevin's disintegration as a person is awful to watch even as he enjoys success in his work.

Diamond has crafted an intriguing work filled with well fleshed out characters, human dilemma and near insurmountable difficulty. The volume is not meant to be a lighthearted romp for a lazy afternoon. This is a hit 'em hard, hit 'em often, leave them gasping read from opening page right on to the last paragraph.

"Crashing Out In The Alphabets" is not a book for the faint of heart, or those easily affronted. The language is raw, gritty and well suited to the character's depicted and situations portrayed in the work. Some obscenity, some graphic sex.




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