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Lady of the two LandsThe Lady of the Two Lands
Elizabeth Delisi
NovelBooks Inc

Interesting read Recommended 5 stars

Artist/illustrator Hattie Williams has the unsettling feeling that someone is watching her as she strives to produce illustrations for a book Thomas Harris, museum Egyptian Curator has ready for publishing. The ancient female Pharaoh Hatshepsut is giving Hattie particular problems. Hattie's drawings are lovely, however the pictures she has produced are flat and lacking life. Tom allows Hattie use of Hatshepsut's falcon necklace to help inspire Hattie's drawings. The small storage room with no windows is the place where Hattie works alone with the door locked.

How long Hattie lay unconscious in that small chamber she could not say, but upon awakening she finds herself face to face with a woman who tells Hattie she is her past and future. Hattie must finish the 'thread' of the woman's life and protect the heir to the throne. Prince Tuthmosis is only eight years old and the scoundrels who killed his parents are now bent upon removing him as well. Sure that she is dreaming, or chatting with a mad woman Hattie cannot believe she has awakened in ancient Egypt where she is soon drawn to a supporter. Senemut guides Hattie on her adventures in this strange and alien land where she is now entrapped. Hattie befriends Hatshepsut's four-year-old daughter, protects the young prince and at last learns the identity of those who scheme against the throne.

Acclaimed writer Delisi exhibits another facet to her celebrated talent. With "Lady of the Two Lands" Delisi has conducted in depth research, then she has woven her study into a gripping tale of murder, disingenuousness and deceit. Appealing perplexity, potent, effective exchanges between characters together with flawlessly engineered, well-fleshed settings are adroitly captured to produce a fast paced compelling read.

Delisi's understanding of the social mores of the time are presented in captivating manner as Hattie realizes that she must follow the customs of the people or risk being found to be a fraud. Delisi's quick wit and penchant for humor are evident as Hattie learns the toilet and bathing customs of these ancient people. Explanation leading to how Hattie is named Pharaoh lead the reader on a most enjoyable well delivered history lesson. Hattie's relationship with Senemut is handled with skill.

"Lady of the Two Lands" is not the average time to time travel novel. Hatshepsut's burning urgency to protect her family even after her death is a theme most parents understand. Delisi has handled that sentiment to perfection. "Lady of Two Lands" is as good read for a warm summer afternoon, as it is to enjoy while sitting by the fire on a rainy day.

Enjoyed the read. Happy to recommend.

Elizabeth Delisi
Avid Press (out of print)

Widowed legal aid Marie Kenning lives alone in the little community of Lakeland following the death of her husband and unborn child at the hand of a drunken driver. When Marie witnesses the abduction of six year old Rebecca Landers the distraught young woman feels she is the only one who can rescue the little girl from the kidnapper.

When all evidence appears to indicate Rebecca has perished, Marie chides herself for not moving more quickly or attracting more attention when the little girl was snatched directly in front of her. Marie's boss encourages her to take a few days off to help Marie recover from her ordeal and days later Marie blunders across both the kidnapper and the much alive Rebecca. Marie finds herself unable to convince anyone that the situation is as she knows it is, thus she sets out on a dangerous trek to follow and rescue this little girl. Back in Lakeland Officer Chris Whitley, the police officer assigned to the case realizes too late that the woman he is learning to care for has indeed come up with the right answers to the mysterious situation.

The fast pace of David Furlotte's action packed thriller CONTRACT FOR DECEIT and interesting characters a la Marianna Heusler's BURIED IN THE TOWNHOUSE give an idea of the quick moving action along with a group of delightful, believable characters found in this excellent 'keep 'em turning the page' romantic thriller.

The utter despair filled discouragement experienced by Marie Kenning is unmistakable.

Chris Whitley as the police officer bemused, not really believing until it is nearly too late, is a likeable fellow we hope will get his head on straight before it is too late for Marie and little Rebecca. The twists and turns of the plot are interesting and carried out well in the romantic thriller wherein a little romance and a whole lot of thriller combine into one excellent tale.

Entertaining book, highly recommended.

Mystery author Elizabeth Delisi is also a professional editor for several electronic publishers, as well as for individuals. She is a staff writer for the web site NovelAdvice (, a newspaper columnist, and has taught creative writing courses at the community college level. Elizabeth holds a B.A. in English with a Creative Writing major. She lives in Kansas with her husband, three children, and their dog.

Elizabeth Delisi
Petals of Life Pub

Harry Larson knows a secret. It is a secret which will have dire consequences for the former alcoholic. Harry's wife Janet turns to Lottie Baldwin, the one person she is sure can help when Harry goes missing. The two women find themselves rushing headlong into danger when they decide the police are moving too slowly in finding out what has become of Harry. Flamboyant Lottie Baldwin blew into Cheyenne, North Dakota following the end of a romance she would just as soon forget. The Tarot reading psychic's abilities are dismissed by everyone in town except for her old college chum Janet Larson. Even Lottie's sweetie, sheriff's sergeant Harlan Erikson is unwilling to accept that Lottie's expertise is valid until he finds he has no choice but to rely on her 'feelings' when Harry and Janet's young daughter is kidnapped.

Fatal Fortune, a first mystery thriller by Kansas writer Elizabeth Delisi is a 'keep you turning the page' read. Her eccentric heroine Lottie with her 'feelings,' extravagant style of dress and Tarot Cards is a marvelous, amicable character; one I hope Elizabeth will soon bring to us once more in a sequel when Lottie again helps Harlan and his buddies in the sheriff's office clean up another mystery.

The consternation felt by Janet is unmistakable and the foolhardiness driven behavior of Lottie as she tries to do something to help her friend is something we can all identify with. Well thought out, resourceful characters engaging in lively dialogue and believable interwoven relationships are wonderfully characteristic of small town American and give this work a sense of being right there in the story. Delisi has an entertaining style with a hint of romance as she presents this fast paced thriller.

Fatal Fortune offers the reader a peek inside the mind of a troubled individual who will stop at nothing to enact the vengeance the character is sure is due. In a short time the reader comes to know how misguided delusion can become murderous intent.

Fatal Fortune by Elizabeth Delisi is a well wrought, suspense filled mystery thriller. We who enjoy thrillers are pleased to know Elizabeth has just completed another novel. Fatal Fortune is a narrative that will grab you from the opening page and will keep you reading right down to the last line. Highly perceptive work, and highly recommended.




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