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Depression is a ChoiceDepression is a Choice
by A B Curtiss
Hyperion, 2001

Depression is a Choice is a documentary, text book type work of 20 chapters in which a woman who is a therapist and well acquainted with depression offers some concrete insight and advice into depression and how to manage it through employing Directed Thought. Curtiss says Directed Thinking is a combination of awareness, understandings, formula thinking, and mind trips applied to depression; my own and others'.

Chapter 2 addresses The Myth of Easy in which writer Curtiss points out that perhaps acknowledging that something is difficult somehow calls up the will to do it. Curtiss helps the reader understand that we humans do not have to function from instinct. We are able to choose rather to function from reason.

Chapter 9 Depression : The Smoke and Mirrors of the Mind is one in which Curtiss states that while she continues to harbor all of the old fearful feelings she no longer feels powerless before them. She offers succinct methods for helping the reader reach this point as well.

I especially enjoyed the humor found in Chapter 19: Working Hard at Keeping Sane. I like the idea that there is no requirement that we must happy in order to get up out of bed and get on with the day.

Writer Curtiss presents her work in a very readable manner. She provides illustrations, some personal history and lots and lots of endnotes to back up her findings. This book should prove of value for therapist and layman alike. Those who are suffering from depression may well find exactly what they need in order to begin their own climb from the morass. Excellent work, highly recommended.




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