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Yesterday Once MoreYesterday Once More
Karen Culver
Lion Hearted Publishing, 1999

Time travel is both commonplace and, when in the wrong hands, perfidious by 2188. Genetic scientist, widowed Alissia Prescott is driven to find the cure for a virulent condition which is common in her family. While on vacation she is astounded to see a handsome man come strolling from the sea. The attraction between the pair is instant and compelling.

Colonel Gabriel Von Brockman has traveled back in time to prevent Dr. Phillip Lilpout from retaining the information he recently discovered regarding the extending and preserving of human life. Alissia returns home to find that someone is interested in her husband's work, a thief has broken into the Bethesda, Maryland lab and appears to have copied some of her late husband's files, threatening letters and phone calls begin. She is nonplussed to discover Von Brockman, the man she watched emerging from the sea has been assigned as the new head of her department. Worrisome to her; Brock also seems very interested in her husband's work.

She is torn between fear of who is threatening her in deciding if she can trust this mysterious man from the future.

Writer Culver's Yesterday Once More has shattered the stumbling block regarding Romantic Sci-Fi genre. The composition is filled with tautness, artifice and an abundance of machination necessary to create a well written, delightful read. It has taken Culver a lot of imaginativeness and ability to work between romance and science fiction and to fulfil both acceptably.

Despite the length of the book… near to 500 pages Yesterday Once More is an engaging, fast read. Some of the potential sources of conflict between Aissia and Brock are not fully developed. Both characters harbor reservations regarding the reliability of handsome people, which both are; this situation might have led to a little more friction before the pair come to realize that handsome people can be stanch.. While Alissia appears to be a driven scientist scoffing at the thoughts of love etc., she willingly tumbles for Brock and the notion of time travel. On the plus side; both characters apply their brain power to situations rather than skating along on the perks inherent to their good looks. Yesterday Once More is an engaging tale that does pull the reader into the narrative and keeps the reader turning the pages. Filled with a collection of absorbing characters who are fiduciary, entertaining and acceptable, the well crafted volume moves right along with characters engaging in reverberant dialogue, difficult situations and fascinating plot to a credible and acceptable conclusion.




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