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Laura SecordLaura Secord's Brave Walk
Connie Brummel Crook
Children's book
Second Story Press, 2000

Wonderful book, highly recommended

"Laura Secord is a young Canadian wife and mother in June 1812. When her husband James goes to join General Brock she is left alone at home with their 5 children. Hearing the sounds of fierce battle she and the children hide in their basement. Laura soon learns that General Brock is killed and James has been wounded. Laura rushes to the battlefield just in time to save James being killed by an American soldier. The American's admire her bravery and help her remove James from the battlefield by carrying him home. The war continues, in June American soldiers come to the Secord home wanting food. Laura hears them talking about an upcoming battle and knows she must warn Lieutenant FitzGibbon of the American plan. Laura manages to cover the 19 miles to the Canadian camp where she delivers her message to FitzGibbon. Because of Laura's information FitzGibbon was prepared to defend Canada.

Excellent book. Well researched and written by former teacher Connie Brummel Crook who writes about Canada's pioneer families. Wonderful illustrations by June Lawrason who teaches illustration at Ontario College of Art and Design and Ryerson Polytechnical University.

I learned a bit of history regarding this important North American conflict and enjoyed writer Crook's superb book very much. The book with it's lovely illustrations will have enormous appeal especially for girls in the 8-11 year age group. Boys of this age will be intrigued with the bravery and resolve of this dedicated heroine. Writer Crook's premium book will fit well into a social studies unit teaching the history of Canada. It is a read to book for younger children and a read alone by middle grades.

On the back page Crook offers the note that Laura Secord received an award of 100 pounds presented by then Prince of Wales Albert Edward in 1861. A copy of the certificate she received for her action is housed in the National Archives in Ottawa.





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