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A Doctor's LifeA Doctor's Life
William T Close MD
Meadowlark Springs Productions, 2001

Highly recommended 5 stars

"A Doctor's Life" is a compilation of some of the experiences realized by Dr. William T Close over his long and varied career. Part 1 of the book is a series of 8 anecdotes covering the years 1947 to 1960 when Dr. Close was practicing in New York City. Pilot Close flew a C-47 in a troop carrier squadron in Normandy soon after the invasion. His return to the US and Harvard grades too low to admit him to medical school prompted Close to attend Columbia night school and to elicit a letter of recommendation from his industrialist father in law. Mr. Moore wrote, "My son-in-law wants to become a doctor. I have no use whatsoever for the profession. However, his determination is such that I imagine he will make a good physician." Close's sense of humor is revealed as he tells the reader, "I am sure the letter … played a major part of my acceptance. As Dr. Close continued his work he once again felt a call in another direction. "The prospect of a 'world mission' that would change people and nations impelled me to resign from my surgical residency at Roosevelt…" The years between 1960 - 1976 are related in the 13 often poignant episodes of Part 2. Part 3 carries the reader to the present day as Dr. Close continues his work. Since his return to the US Dr. Close has lived in Montana.

In "A Doctor's Life" Dr. Close presents a very entertaining, at times heartfelt, picture of a doctor who has faced life with humor and passion. Writer Close's narrative is readable, captivating and fills the reader with a good feeling for having read the narrative. Close captures his characters from the prim, but tipsy, little NYC lady wearing her pillbox hat to The Mango kid in far off Africa in a delicate balance between revealing too much and stating too little. Some of the people Dr. Close treated were not of the 'upper crust' of society. All are presented in an even handed, absorbing manner by a writer who obviously has enjoyed a lifetime engaged in the work he loves.





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