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Miverva Wonders Why?Minerva Wonders Why?
by Sharon Brown
Adventure Book Publishers 2000

Highly recommended 5 stars

Minerva Mouse wonders why stars twinkle. She sets out to find the answer. First one then another of her friends give her their idea. None of the answers seem to be the one Minerva is seeking. At last she tries to find the answer at the local library.

Minerva Wonders Why? is a great little picture book. Author/Illustrator Brown has produced a very entertaining book filled with wonderful illustrations and childlike answers offered by Minerva's friends. Youngsters will identify with Minerva's puzzlement and the impossible solutions her friends feel explain why stars twinkle.

This is a book parents, children and teachers will enjoy. Teachers will be able to use the book to help children develop problem solving techniques.

Read to ages 3-6, Read alone ages 6-9




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