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Hot Enough To Kill
Paula Boyd
Diomo Books

Highly Recommended

Jolene cannot believe it, her mother has been accused of murdering her boyfriend. Mom is 72 years old for pity sake. Jolene, a freelance journalist rushes to her childhood home to try to sort out what on earth is going on. And, Kickapoo, Texas is just about the last place on earth Jolene wants to be. Before long Jolene begins to wonder if maybe, just maybe Mama mighta done it.

Jolene, long divorced, living in Colorado and mother of grown kids resumes an old friendship with the local law, himself recently divorced and the father of young children. As the investigation into the death continues with many a twist and turn Jolene finds herself caught up in far more intrigue than she had thought there might be at the beginning.

This was one doggone good read and a downright funny book to boot. Writer Boyd has an engaging writing style that grabs the reader right from the opening lines and keeps them turning the page on to the last of the tale. The tension between Jolene and her headstrong, 'march to her own tune,' way past flamboyant mom Lucille is hysterical and believable for any daughter to understand. The tale is skillfully told, peopled with entertaining characters and replete with just enough conniving to keep it interesting. Writer Boyd is well able to insert two separate sub plots through the main story line without getting them confused in the weaving. Excellent, entertaining little book written without falling back on the old crutches of 'shock 'em into buying' profanity or spurious graphic sex.




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