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City of TearsCITY OF TEARS
by Eric Balkan
Packet Press

The Kaskir nomads have been beleaguered by other nomads, the imperial army along with anyone else who has happened to come along. Their villages have been exhausted, children kidnapped until they are now very nearly at the end of their rope. Ailana, wife of the Kaskir chief's son, is resolute in her determination to be reunited with her children once again. Turan Khan, Jersak nomad ruler, is every bit as determined in his pursuit to demolish D'nar first and the other nomad clans second.

An excellent piece of writing with a compelling story to tell. I enjoyed the book very much. This work by writer Balkan is an action packed thriller filled with historical content and the brutal actuality of a period we can only conjecture today. Writer Balkan composes a representation of the barbarous life accomplished by those existing in medieval Central Asia. Following the struggles of the Kaskir as they struggle to retain their identity in an atmosphere where that is all but impossible we catch a glimpse of a life heretofore hidden from our view. The story weaves the mystery of what has become of Jinji, Ailana's closest friend, through the narrative with a most appealing adroitness.

Characters presented by writer Balkan are well thought out, creditable and at times, down right frightening. The time interval presented in this book was one in which the delicate or halt had limited opportunity for survival. Balkan's work is peopled with fascinating characters who are robust, inflexible, puissant people facing arduous times at best.

Writer Balkan's regard for this time period combined with his solid erudition based on much research have produced a work of the highest standard. Highly recommended for everyone who enjoys a good mystery along with their historical fiction.




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