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Ann Bachman
Starlight Writer Publications

Twenty five year old Jonilee Hughes found herself alone, penniless and desperate when she approached Rodeo celebrity Bobby Joe Kemp for a job as his housekeeper and nanny. She soon found herself embroiled in a frightening situation complete with the return of a man Jonilee was sure had left her life for good. The life of privation sapphire eyed Jonilee has endured from childhood has left her with an iron will and temper to match. Jonilee and Bobby Joe face danger together before Jonilee discovers everything she had known about her family is not as it seems.

The hidden secret found in Anne Perry's 'Breach of Promise' and JD Robb's hard boiled Eve Dallas give us an idea of the mystery and grit to be found in author Bachman's BROKEN DREAMS. This gripping yarn will keep you interested from the first page opener when Jonilee blasts rattlesnakes in the yard at Bobby Joe's ranch right down to the last page when she meets elderly, wealthy Mr. Fairchild.

The fright felt by Jonilee when she must face an angry reckless figure she has thought long gone is manifest and the anxiety driven behavior of Bobby Joe as he seeks to discover who it is causing them such anguish is something we can all understand. Bachman's interweaving of her love story into the mystery is skilled and interesting. Her characters, with the exception of Bobby Joe's son P J I found to be very believable and well thought out. Based on my own experience with kids; taught school, raised sons and was an adult scout leader for more than a decade, I did find PJ's demeanor and language to be more in line with that of a younger child. PJ is a most likeable kid, is an integral part of the whole and I certainly enjoyed reading about him, just wish writer Bachman had made this youngster age eleven or twelve rather than fourteen.

BROKEN DREAMS is another in the sizeable group, eight to date, of well written novels produced by this South Dakota rancher. We who enjoy thrillers with a bit of romantic twist will find BROKEN DREAMS most satisfying. BROKEN DREAMS is a narrative that will grip you from the opening line and will clutch you tight right on down to the last page. Very perceptive and well recommended.




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