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Sparrow in the SnowSparrow in the Snow
by Ashley Alquine
Writers Club Press

This is a volume of poetry listed as 'A Life of Poetry Through Her Eyes.' 'Sparrow in the Snow,' is uplifting the sparrow a tiny beacon - Hope.- In Sky Spirit 'Hearing, I never heard - And seeing, I never Saw' evoke deep emotions. A recurring theme within the poems centers around dreams with 'These Dreams' one of my favorites.

'Heat Wave' and -the day's rush of heat slides under my door- is descriptive and really captures the heat of summer, it too talks of dreams. The ending of a relationship is felt poignantly in 'Suitcase of Memories.' Ah that we had a -poetry maker- such as is found in 'Your Words.' Dreams again appear in 'Did You.' My favorite is the delicate 'Seascape' with it's -misty fog on a twilight seashore-.

With 82 poems covering a variety of subjects there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. The slim tome is one to be enjoyed again and again. Lovely work. Well recommended




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