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Just A Minute

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"Welcome to Just A Minute!"

What is very little known about Kenneth Williams in Just A Minute will be here on this site. I am a regular listener of Just A Minute, BBC classic clock watching panel game. Kenneth Williams has shown a lot of fun to listeners with his wit and erudite knowledge. Sometimes he was extremely rude to the chairman, Nicholas Parsons, and other panelists in the show but his rudeness always made listeners funny. Kenneth had contributed for the show from 1967 to 1988 and his career on Carry On films helped him be a famous regular player during that time.
Derek Nimmo is another funny character in Just A Minute. Derek who has very religious image has played the show with great hilarity as much as Kenneth. His funny point was often found with his typical careless speech in the show.
Clement Freud is also one of the regular players in Just A Minute. Now in UK, he is called as Sir Clement Freud. He is a former MP and a columnist. His funny point in Just A Minute is his cleverness and wit.
Peter Jones who is also a regular panel member in the show often made a hesitation which is against the rule in Just A Minute. His hesitation was habitual and often made the audience funny. Peter Jones is still playing current version of Just A Minute with his unchanged hesitation habit in the show.
Introduction on Just A Minute: There are three kinds of rules in this show. Actually this show started in 1967 and still running on BBC radio 4. The style of this show is rather old-fashioned but it has been providing great fun for radio listeners who may be interested in British comedy programme. The chairman in the show is Nicholas Parsons who is a regular show host and incredibly funny sometimes. I explain about the rules in the show as following. 1)Hesitation: Panelists must not hesitate or stop at any situation while they talk. 2)Deviation: Panelists must not deviate from the subject given by the chairman. 3)Repetition: Panelists must not repeat any words while they talk. Panelists are given with a certain subject and keep going for one minute without violating the rules above but actually it depends on the situation because the chairman is often flexible with the rules.
There have also been many guest panelists in Just A Minute who contributed a lot for the show. The more episodes will be here shortly. I am dealing with old series of Just A Minute(1967 ~ 1988), so if you are also interested in current series(1990s) which have new regular and guest panelists such as Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Tony Slattery etc, please go to Teresa's Just A Minute page.
I am glad to have your message if you have little bit of mind to know about the old BBC panel game, Just A Minute.