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The Rules

Hesitation: It is very simple to understand what this rule means. Only players must not stop their talk under any circumstances. Sometimes players make excuses to avoid challenges but very few excuses can be acceptable because hesitation is clearly noticeable for all listeners. Peter Jones is the one who habitually makes this issue and Clement Freud also makes his own hesitation with somewhat different way Peter Jones usually has done(I will show you later how it's different). Derek Nimmo's hesitation is very unclear. That is what we called as a terminal hesitation but Derek Nimmo personally doesn't want to be challenged with hesitation. That is why he often talks in an extreme hurry. Kenneth Williams is not a memorable player with this issue but he often dragged his speech longer than normal speed which means he wants to earn some extra times.

Deviation: It is very sticky to explain all those funny moments with deviation because when we directly listen the show, we can enjoy why deviation is one of the funny rules in Just A Minute but I will show you later with this issue.
Repetition: Anyone can make repetition while one talks. That's why this panel game is rather tough. Even repeating words like, is, and, also can be a repetition in the show. Kenneth Williams really hate to challenge someone with this ordinary usages. Derek Nimmo often challenged with this little words to make further fun. Particularly Clement Freud often made some new styles of repetition rules in the show history. That was incredibly funny. I will share all of them with you through episodes.