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Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas Parsons is a regular chairman in Just A Minute. He actually wanted to be a panel member in the show but he couldn't avoid his destiny as a chairman. In some old editions of Just A Minute, he played as a panelist. He has shown his own justice that he always emphasise in the show. Often regualr panelists described him as an extraordinary person. Probably you can find out his personal appearances in BBC programmes. Here I'd rather stick on talking only Just A Minute.

The show begins in 1967 when he was 49. He usually showed his purity of justice and fairness during the first decade of Just A Minute but in current versions, he is rather more flexible with the rules and treatment on audience. In most 1970s and early 1980s editions, Nicholas Parsons often put the final judgement to the audience whenever there are argument and confusion among panelists. He wanted to be fair all the times as a final arbiter. Nicholas Parsons witty jokes are also very remarkable.

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