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The Episodes

There are many different old editions of Just A Minute I have. Most of mine were recorded from 1976 but there are some older editions. I will only present some of noticeable moments in each of edition.

Chairman: Nicholas Parsons
Panelists: Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, Clement Freud, Jarilyn Jones
1.Why I Am So Popular
Derek Nimmo: "Deviation! he is desperately unpopular!"
2.What's They May Find On Mars
Derek Nimmo: "They found other things, clocks and stockings, long knickers.."
Clement Freud: "Repetition, pm-pom!"
3.Keeping Ones Temper
Kenneth Williams: "How could you result your equanimity?, what does it mean?"
Derek Nimmo: "I have not a slightest idea. He said GOLD!. I thought he's going
              to stop but he didn't. I do apologise. Give him a point!"
4.Useless Occupation
5.Queuing Up Of The Post Office
Derek Nimmo: "When I winded round my finger I saw, you see, when I take my 
7.Why I Like Men
Clement Freud: "They also have pretty feet among which I would like to join 
                the name of Mr Nimmo, but" (buzzer!)
Derek Nimmo: "Well, regrettably, repetition of Nimmo!"
8.My Relations
Kenneth Williams: "I have right challenge because your judgement is 
Kenneth Williams: "How you continue this! I can give you information after the 
Final Score: 
1th.Clement Freud
2th.Derek Nimmo
3th.Jarilyn Jones
4th.Kenneth Williams