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Welcome to the Planet Mado Dragonball Z rpg. In this rpg you actually get to move around and basically live a life like the characters from the TV series. This is a play-by-email rpg. Its like playing Dungeons and Dragons, except you type and send over email what you would normally say.

The System
This rpg is unique in that you have to learn everything, nothing is given to you, not even another character's name. Your character's strength, speed, ki, and stamina are all measured by powerlevel. The higher your powerlevel is, the longer you'll last, the more damage your moves do, and the more you can dodge. The way you play this rpg is over email. To see your character's stats, go to the members page and click on your character's name. Enter your password and it will take you to your stats page. This page shows certain stats of your character, like powerlevel, what moves you have, and how many credits you have. In this rpg you just use email, you don't have a character that you can actually move around, the only graphics in this rpg is your character's picture. You will be sent an email to start you off, then you will reply to it, telling your ref what you want to do. If you don't get an email within three days of joining, then email me, and I'll tell you what's going on. You will know what planet you are on by looking at your stats page. That will be your ref until you move onto another planet. You can only do one thing per turn, unless your ref says you may do more than that, for example, you can't say you train under a master to gain powerlevel while learning a move. Each player is only allowed one character, if you have more than one character, then both will be deleted.

To learn moves, you have to find a master in the game that teaches moves. Masters are controlled by the refs. There are quite a few masters in the game, because each master teaches a move unique to him. If you learn a move, you may teach this move to anyone else. Sometimes even when you learn a move, you may not be able to use it. Each move you know does a certain percantage of your powerlevel to measure damage. It takes three turns to learn or teach a move.

Character's Stats
To improve your character's stats, you must fight or spar. The only race that can improve its stats without sparring or fighting are the Nameks. Each race automatically gains 10% of the losers powerlevel, that is if they win. Some races, like Saiyans, automatically get an extra 15% powerlevel gain, so if a Saiyan won a battle, he/she would gain 25% of the losers power level. If you lose your battle then you don't get that 10% powerlevel gain. We don't let you see other member's stats pages because if you want to figure out what a player's power level is, you have to learn how to detect powerlevel or buy a scouter. Your stats page is for you and you alone.

We will try to update everone at least once a day. But we will try our hardest to update three times a day. The most we will update a day is three times for each member. And whenever you send an email to your ref, make sure you include your character's name and where you are, otherwise your email will be deleted, and you won't be told about it.

One of the ways to get money is to kill another character in the game. When you kill a character in the game, you can steal any item that character has on him/her. If you win a lehtal fight, you automatically get 800 credits. Sometimes there will be World Martial Arts Tournaments, which determines the strongest fighter in the world. Whoever wins this will win 10,000 credits, and an Earth Dragonball. There are tournaments on other planets, but this was just an example.

When you first start out, you will be able to walk until you come to a certain destination in one turn, like a crossroad or sign, for example. When you learn how to fly, you will be able to cross oceans and lakes to get to certain destinations. In one turn, you can fly to any destination. An example is when you're on Earth from where ever you are you can fly to Master Roshi's house in one turn. However, before you can fly to someone, you have to have been to them. The time it takes to travel from planet to planet in a spaceship is three days.

In this Dragonball Z rpg, there are four different types of Dragonballs. There are the Earth Dragonballs, Namek Dragonballs, Mado Dragonballs, and the Blackstar Dragonballs. Once you make a wish with the Dragonballs, they all go hidden again. You have to get all seven of whichever kind of Dragonball you have before you can make your wish(es). Here is an explanation of each type of Dragonball:
Earth Dragonballs: You can make only one wish. You can only wish a person back to life once with these Dragonballs. These are the least powerful out of all of the Dragonballs, if you make a wish and it doesn't work, you get to make a wish until it works. For example, if you wish for one million credits, and the Earth Dragon doesn't grant that wish, you can wish again until your wish is fulfilled. If you kill the Earth's guardian (Kame), then the Earth Dragonballs will no longer work, and will not show up on Earth Dragonball radars. After you make your wish, these Dragonballs do not show up on radar and cannot be found for one week.

Namek Dragonballs: You can make three wishes. You can wish a person back to life as many times as you want. These Dragonballs are the third most powerful Dragonballs. If you kill Namek's guardian (Guru), then the Namek Dragonballs will no longer work and will not show up on Namek Dragonball radars. After you make your three wishes with these Dragonballs, they do not show up on radar and cannot be seen for two weeks.

Mado Dragonballs: You can make two wishes. You can wish a person back as many times as you want. You can wish anyone to die with these Dragonballs, even immortals and masters in the game, there is really no limit. If you kill Mado's guardian (Mado), then the Mado Dragonballs will no longer work and will not show up on Mado Dragonball radars. After you make your two wishes, these Dragonballs do not show up on radar and cannot be found for three weeks.

Black Star Dragonballs: You can make two wishes. You can wish a person back as many times as you want. These are the only Dragonballs that can grant you immortality. There is no guardian that you can kill to make the Black Star Dragonballs not work anymore. After you make your two wishes, these Dragonballs do not show up on radar and cannot be found for four weeks.

Fighting in this Dragonball Z RPG is also done in our chatroom. Here is an example of how fighting should be done:

You: I raise two fingers with (player's name) centered between my two fingers and yell "Bakuhatsuha"!
Ref: (player's name) is hit with the Bakuhatsuha blast, you sense him weakening, see (player's name) raise his hands to the sides of his face, and yell "Solar Flare"! You are blinded.

You: I bring my hands forward and yell "Tshuiden"!
Ref: You are still blinded and miss (player's name). You hear (player's name) yell "Hasshuken"! And feel like you are being hit rappidly while losing (however much PL you would lose).

To do a move, the player must describe the technique they are using, like in the example above. If your powerlevel is two times more than your opponent's then you gain one additional attack each of your turns, and you get to try to dodge. This is how dodging works, for every 2x stronger you are than your opponent you have a 10% extra chance of dodging. You start out at having a 30% chance. You can also attempt to block a move done on you, unless it is an unblockable attack. To block, you must tell the ref that you want to attempt to block. The ref will roll a six sided dice twice, and if the number rolls on one, then you block one-fourth of the attack, if it lands on two, you block one-fourth of the attack, and if it rolls on three, four, five, or six, then your attempt to block the move failed. If, on the second time rolling the dice, it lands on a one, and it landed on a one the last time, then you still only block one-fourth of the attack, if it lands on a two, then you block half of the attack. If the dice landed on a two the first time, and a two the second time, then you still only block one-fourth of the attack. If it lands on a one the second time, then you block half of the attack. Blocking does not take up a turn. Every time you get hit it takes away a certain amount of powerlevel. If your powerlevel is down lower than the amount needed for a move, even if you've learned the move already, you can't use it since your powerlevel is lower than the required amount. After fighting you must wait three days to heal back to full health, otherwise you fight at what remaining powerlevel you had from your last fight. Unless of course you have a Sensu Bean, which would heal you back to full health. If a person is losing in a battle they must say "I give up" if they don't want to be killed. Although their opponent has the choice to kill them anyway. You don't have to kill the person as long as they give up you gain the same amount of powerlevel. If you are inactive for three days or more, then your character is automatically put to sleep, so any other character can attack you, and you can do nothing about it until you respond. You may be killed this way.

The Next Dimension
If you die, then you go to the next dimension. You get to decide where you want to go, King Kai's planet, or the Other World Tournament. You are allowed to stay one week there, after that week is up, you either are wished back, or you start over again with half the powerlevel you had at the end of your time, and the only way to get it back is to eat a Sensu Bean. You are only allowed to die five times before you have to start over again. If you are wished back, it doesn't count as dying.

To start a team, you need at least two people. It is a very good idea to start a team, because you can put your money and skill together. You can also share items. If you start a team, it is advisable to buy a base, so that no one will kill you while you are sleeping.

If you want to spar or train with someone, tell your ref who you want to spar or train with. You must be near this person and this person must agree. You will gain 5% of your current powerlevel after every time you spar or train. If you are sparring or training under a master, then you will gain 2% of your current powerlevel. If you are sparring or training in a gravitron and/or with weighted clothing, then you will get the extra gain, depending on how much gravity you are using. Every time you spar/train, you lose however much you gain of your power level, not your base power level, so it won't be permanent, but you still lose however much you gain.

Every once in a while, there will be a tournament. These tournaments are not to the death, and after you fight, you are automatically put back to full power level. Tournaments are a good way to test your skill against everyone in the world. There may be an entry fee to be a competitor in the tournament. Each planet's ref decides when a tournament is held on their planet. That planet's ref also decides if there will be an entry fee and how much and what the prizes are.

If you don't send in an email to your ref for three days straight, then you are automatically asleep. Anyone can attack you or steal your items while you are asleep. If you don't send in an email for seven days in a row, then you are deleted from the rpg. Unless you email me and tell me that you will be away or won't be able to play for a while. While you're asleep, your defenses are down, so moves used to attack you have an extra 30% of attack damage added onto them.

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