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Planet Earth

The planet Earth is the small planet that was supposed to be sold by Goku. But because of his accident he became good and fought for the planet. It is small and has helpless fighters. Goku himself could have taken the planet from even the most powerful fighters from earth. Kami, the namek, who went to earth, started training fighters for the arrival of the Saiyan. He trained Tien (the most powerful) and Krillin (the second most powerful human). The earth has its own set of dragon balls created by Kami. They are about the size of softballs and can only grant one wish when brought together.
Planet's Power Level: 2,000,000
Planet's Attack: (explosion) 2,500,000

Planet Namek

Namek, the water filled planet of the Namekians, like Piccolo, Nail, Dende, Guru, and Kami. They are mostly peaceful people. A large storm wiped out most of the population. Only 7 villages survived and they each guard 1 of the 7 dragonballs. Guru created the dragon balls on Namek. Once he dies the balls become useless. They are more powerful than the ones on earth. You can wish 3 wishes with the ones from Namek. Nail was the last fighter that Namek had. Dende had a special power that no one knew of. He could heal a fighter from almost the brink of death in mere seconds. He later creates more powerful dragon balls on Earth.
Planet's Power Level: 3,000,000
Planet's Attack: (explosion) 3,500,000

Planet Vegeta

Planet Vegeta is the home planet of the Saiyan's. They are one of the most powerful races. They have a legendary saying that says once a Saiyan reaches max power and is pure in the heart (pure Evil or pure Good) they become a Super Saiyan. Their hair changes to blonde, stands up right; their muscles become large, and there power level goes to the millions. The only one to reach this was Broli. He was pure Evil though.
Planet's Power Level: 4,000,000
Planet's Attack: (explosion) 4,500,000

Planet Freeza

Planet Freeza is the home planet of Freeza, Cooler, and King Cold. They are the most powerful creatures in the universe. They can decimate planets in single blasts. They have amazing PL's for there first state. Then they transform and that power level goes to the millions. They then change again into a 3rd and then a 4th. Cooler has a 5th transformation unlike Freeza. At each transformation, their power levels rise by millions.
Planet's Power Level: 5,000,000
Planet's Attack: (explosion) 5,500,000

The Moon (around Earth)

The moon is also a place of fighting. In this future it has added water, air, and people. They changed its whole look to look like a miniature Earth.
Planet's Power Level: 500,000
Planet's Attack: (explosion) 550,000

Planet Mado

A very small planet, so small that the planet's core is very close to the surface to cause many volcanic eruptions, boiling water, and constant rainfall. The planet is inhabited by dragons. This planet is very close to the earthís sun.
Planetís Power Level: 6,000,000
Planetís Attack: (explosion) 7,000,000

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