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Saiyan - The Saiyans are a strong warrior race. They love to fight even if it means death for them. They have two abilities that are unique to just them. The first one is that they have a tail which when they stare at a full moon changes them into a giant Mammoth Ape giving them ten times their Power Level. Sometimes this will give them the upper hand in a battle. Saiyans automatically can go Oozaru as long as there's a full moon or if they know the Moon Ball move. Saiyans don't have to learn how to go Oozaru, they know it naturally. But if the person can they should do their best to cut off their tail rendering this move useless in that battle. Saiyans get +15% power level bonus after fights, even if they lose. They get a +5% bonus after spars and training. Saiyans start out with a powerlevel of 200.

Namekian - The Nameks are usually a peaceful race but when they want they can do some good deal of damage themselves. Because of their superior wisdom they can increase their PL just by meditating where as the Saiyans have to fight to gain. You can meditate three times a day and you get a 5% PL gain every time you meditate. Nameks Start out with a powerlevel of 150.

Humans - The Humans are more of a technologically advanced race. They don't fight much so there's nothing special about them, but they start off with a weapon and they have the option to buy a second weapon. Buying the same weapon will make that weapon two times as powerful. Humans are also the only race that can learn the move Time Freeze. Humans start out with a powerlevel of 100.

Androids - Since the Androids are robots, when they start out they start out stronger than everyone else normally would. Other wise they are just like the humans. Androids can also absorb 60% of their opponent's powerlevel, but only after they have defeated there opponent, so in addition to the 10% of the loser's PL they get if they win, they also get 60% for absorbing their opponent's powerlevel. Androids also start out with the moves Fly and Detect Powerlevel. They start out at a powerlevel of 250.

Duugos - The Duugos, in case no one knows, is the race of Frieza on the show. The Duugos are also a strong fighting race and they have a very high opinion about their strength, even if they are not very strong. Duugos can not learn the move Detect Powerlevel. Duugos also get transformations at a relatively early power level. When undergoing these transformations, they become more powerful. Duugos automatically get these transformations as soon as they are high enough in power level. They also start off with a powerlevel of 10,000.

Dragons - The Dragons have few in numbers. Dast and Mado are the last known dragons left aside those granting wishes for the Dragon balls. You cannot be a Dragon in the game. Dragons are one of the most powerful races. Dragons start out at a tremendous powerlevel even higher than Duugos, but canít get much higher in powerlevel.

Devils - The Devils are the race of Garlic jr. Most Devils are pure evil. Devils are the only species that can learn the Dead Zone move. Devils cannot learn the move Spirit Bomb, since they are evil. A Devil's star comes close enough to the planet that the Devil is on and it multiplies the Devils' on that planet powerlevel by twelve. The star comes within range of each planet the fifth of every month. The Devil can control themselves in this form. Devils start out with a powerlevel of 150.

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