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Current Favorite Review Quote:

"You guys are the best band we've ever had in this place!!...You're coming back, aren't you?"

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(Come, visit a spell under "The Wisdom Tree")






Justin Smith - Sharp-edged axe

Glen "Trash Can" Thompson - Sticks 'n' Skins

Diana Tyler - Rhythm, 'Ritin' and Vocals

Tim "Gumby" Tyler - Bass Gumbaphone

"Get thee to a house of worship!"   - Wilmo Shakespeare

"He's There" and "No-Blues Blues" have been included on two disks of the 4-cd Genesis Project fundraising program for churches. The Genesis Projectís audition process included bands from around the world, so CRISIS is honored to have been chosen. (None of the participating artists will receive any money from these cds; the project is solely to help churches raise money and to distribute a musical testimony for Christ around the globe. Follow the Genesis Project link for more information.)

CRISIS has been included in a Disciples Music Sampler which features everything from bluegrass to brass to blues. Original music from Disciples songwriters and musicians, released by the Center for Transforming Worship.

Also, you can now buy "Cool CRISIS Gear" at Check it out!!

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Love Somebody
No-Blues Blues
He's There
Jesus Saves!
Closer to Home
Gifts to the Giver
My Rock & the Light of My World
Reach Out
Serving God in the City
Solid Ground

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