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We've just started a "Quote of the Month" contest.   Got a humorous reflection, fun/interesting comment about CRISIS or Christian music, etc.?   Email us!

Does the winner receive free gifts, trips and other prizes?   Well...uh, no--except that we'll be glad to include a hot link directly to YOUR SITE on our MAIN PAGE if your quote is selected.

RULES: Winners will be selected by the CRISIS webmasters and will be judged according to said webmasters' own personal mood swings and attitudes of the day.   Selected winners attempting to showcase sites containing material deemed offensive to persons of the Christian persuasion will NOT receive a hot link to their site, although the quote and its owner's name will still appear on the CRISIS home page.   Multiple submissions encouraged.   Quotes not selected for appearance during the month they are submitted will be held over for possible use at another time.   All decisions of the judges are final--no whining allowed.   Void where prohibited by law.   All taxes (yeah, right!) are the responsibility of the winner.   More tiny, legal mumbo jumbo which really doesn't apply to this stupid contest anyway, yadda yadda yadda, etc...)

Think of the notoriety you'll receive!!   Think of how impressed your friends will be!!   Well, ok, then--how about entering just for the sheer fun of it?   Email us!