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Glad hearts--upbeat, pop melodies--solid songwriting--the joy of the Lord--a jazz/R&B soul-- toe-tappin' rhythms--touches of gentle humor--and a rock & roll attitude comprise...

...the "house band" for the North Eaton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) contemporary worship service. 

Together since April, 1999, CRISIS' mission is "to bring good music to the church, while bringing 'church-nervous' music lovers into the church."

CRISIS is pleased to present...

Justin Smith on its debut CD.  After a one-year sabbatical from the band to concentrate on college studies, Justin and his rip-roarin' axe are once again helping CRISIS carve out a special niche in Christian music.  Justin's theatrical experience and flair for presentation are additional reasons why audiences describe CRISIS shows as "FUN!"

Glen Thompson comes to the band with years of
experience in a variety of stage, concert and drum corps bands.  Glen was the force that began that band's history--it was he who proposed a musical joint venture to fellow church member...

...Diana Tyler one Sunday morning after hearing a song she composed.  (Diana had been performing as a solo artist during the years following her marriage to Tim.)  She has since garnered many fans of her original Christian and positive-values music.  Several of Diana's songs have been published in a children's Sunday School curriculum, and others have been offered song contracts from a Nashville-based music publisher.

Tim Tyler brings a special jazz/R&B flavor to the CRISIS sound.  His many years of experience, coupled with his talents in the area of arranging, help showcase the diverse musical styles that CRISIS represents.

CRISIS has recently begun responding to
invitations to tour.  A restructuring of NECC's contemporary worship service has made this possibility feasible.  God truly does work in
mysterious ways!

It is rare that I get to review such raw talent in the indie market like this.  Crisis is a true rock band with more than enough talent for several bands.  Diana Tyler has this spectacular voice that one could only dream of having.  This music is truly inspirational and an absolute joy to listen to.  Crisis is not your stereotypical rock band.  Their music ranges from rock to blues to pop with a little bit of country appeal, which is brought forth by the excellent vocals of Diana Tyler.  This is truly an album with something for everyone.  My favorite song on the album has to be, "No-Blues Blues".  This song has a definite blues rock groove going.  I suggest that this album be the first on your list.             - Gunther G., The Global Muse

*Justin doesn't say much!