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NEW MUSIC from Tim & Diana's "Summer Vacation Project" (August, 2002):

Love In Action

Pilgrim's Pride

Drivin' Naked

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   DON'T BUY OUR CD......if it means choosing between supporting your local church and its outreach programs or buying our music. BUT--if you can afford to do both, we'll sincerely appreciate your encouragement of our music ministry. May God bless you and yours. - CRISIS

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( A U D I O   S A M P L E S   B E L O W )

Something for everyone:


SIDE A rocks with full-band versions of the CRISIS songs below.

SIDE B offers a more meditative mood with "unplugged" Christian gospel, folk, and praise & worship music.


Offers all 12 songs from the cassette, but in a mixed format!


All songs 1999 by Diana S. Tyler

Thanks for helping us spread THE Good News of Jesus Christ!!

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Love Somebody

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No-Blues Blues

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He's There

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Jesus Saves!

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Closer to Home


Gifts to the Giver


Reach Out

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My Rock and the Light of My World



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Solid Ground

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Serving God in the City


The sound recording entitled "CRISIS and Diana Tyler" features Justin Smith on lead guitar, Glen "Trashcan" Thompson on drums, Diana Tyler (songwriter) on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Tim "Gumby" Tyler on "bass gumbaphone".

Additional vocals provided by Toni Harless and Linda Rodak.

All songs recorded "live, in-studio."

(We ARE what you hear--this is NOT multi-tracked "musical plastic surgery".)

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