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Why Anastasia???

Hello all Anastasia fans! Some people may wonder why make a site on someone who is not to well known, well I'll tell you why. I have been a fan of Anastasia ever since she first aired on Disney's now cancelled Kids Incorporated. Now she's the bad girl on ABC's Port Charles a part she plays extremely well. She gives every performance 110% and has never given up on her dream. She will one day be as well known for her acting as Jennifer Love Hewitt (her castmate on Kids Inc) and all the leading young actresses of today.
Some people have pointed out that my site was not the first dedicated to Ana but it is the only page dedicated to her and her PC character Lark. It is th eonly place to find pictures,info and news. All the pictures appear here first, nowhere else!
Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting this phenominal actress!!!
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