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Confessions of a Teenage Temptress

Getting burned by love can make you do crazy things. Just ask Anastasia Horne, whos own real-life man troubles have fueled her portrayal of PC's heartsick Lark Madison. "If I've broken up with a guy, and I'm really upset," she admits "I'll go out and do something daring. At a time like that, you have all this anger built up inside of you." Lark definately could relate. Not that long ago rejection from the men in her life nearly drove the teen schemer to end it alland though she was talked off the ledge, you'd better believe she's still a woman on the edge."Lark always wants to forget the past and move on but it keeps coming back to haunt her," Horne assurts. "Her mom's death and Frank's (continuing) betrayals have been really traumatizing. How do you deal with all that hurt?" Noshing on a Caesar salad at her favorite outdoor cafe, the chatty Horne couldnt be further removed from her often brooding, secretive character. Lark's portrayer especially loves dishing her handsome leading men, Jay Pickett (Frank) and Rib Hillis (ex-Jake) between appropriately birdlike bites, of course. "I miss Rib," she sighs. "He's so gorgeous. When producer Nancy Jacoby told me that I would have a big love affair with his character, I said Me?!" Not that their steamy sex scenes didnt intimidate the young actress. "Im very self conscious about my body," she conceded. "I had to take off my shirt and be seductive, but I've never even kissed on camera before! So I just threw myself in and tried not to embarrass myself." Horne relies on Pickett's sensitivity when performing heavier dramatic material. "After we are finished," she says "we both still have those emotions going. He understands that." Though her co-stars treat Horne as a professional peer, she knows that her youth sets her apart from the rest of the cast. "When I turned 20 (in August, they said Aww...our baby girl is growing up." Despite her parents misgivings, Horne took a step toward full-fleged adulthood by moving out of the family homestead earlier this year. The college junior now rents a house with her sorority sisters. "I love being responsible for myself," she says, but it scares me. as much as I want to be on my own, there are still times when I need help. After all I'm afraid of the dark!" Like her TV counterpart, the theater major currently warms the bench in the game of love. " I just got out of a year-and-a half relationship," she confides "It was a good relationship that I learned a lot from, but I needed to learn more about myself and life. With PC And school, I havent really had time to see other people, so its actually worked out fro the better." Despite her declaration of independence, the newly single actress does permit herself an occasional date. She even stepped out for coffee with Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GH) a few months back. "He'd seen me on the show, and came over to the set and introduced himself," she recalls. "He seemed cool, but I didnt really know anything about him exept that he's on GH. It was funny, because I was at a sorority volleyball tournament in Malibu when Ingo randomly jogged accross the beach. All the girls screamed 'It's Jax!" I was like are yuo serious? It's just Ingo." But back to the date: Did sparks fly over the cappuccinos? Horne's answer proves how different her and Lark really are. "He never called me again," she giggles. "I'm rejected, but that's okay." -Daniel R. Coleridge Abc Soaps in Depth Week of Oct. 13th

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