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Episode "Mrs. Murray"
Just recently Anastasia guest starred on Malibu C.A. a kind of cheesy show along the lines of Saved by the Bell. Anastasia however, brought the show to life as she does with PC and every other performance she gives. Ana played the ever so devious and money hungry Amber Lynn Johnson. Murray, a surfer dude character on Malibu spots Amber at the beach and is automatically love stricken. Amber finds out about Murray's dad is the richest man in Malibu, and has to marry Murray to get the cash. Murray's freinds quickly figure out what Amber is up to. Realizing they have to warn Murray before he goes down the aisle. At the alter Murray finds out the truth and Amber runs out the door. Anastasia was fabulous in the show. What is with Anastasia always playing these nasty characters??? She's such a sweetheart! Aw well. Hopefully soon there will be pictures from the show! So check back.