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Year 2000 Computer Bug Hoax VIEWER FEEDBACK 1999, Part 3

POSTSCRIPT: This website was frozen on December 31, 1999, as a permanent document on how all of us acted and reacted to the Y2K myth from 1997 to 1999. There will be no updates. Enjoy reading all of the emails, especially the wild ones from 1998. - David Robert Loblaw, 03 January 2000
"A friend of mine bought 800 cans of soup and 300 pounds of rice in preparation for this Y2K fiasco! My question is this - if there's no electricity, how will he cook his soup and his rice?"
"I have heard a lot of people worrying about hospitals being ready for Y2K. My hospital's computer system that keeps patient records was already basically compliant, because they have patients that were born in the 1800's. I wish more people would visit your site it could give them a dose of common sense in a media filled with lunacy."
"I've been warning people all year that Y2K is the biggest hoax of the century. NO! I take that back. Since it involves every country in the word, this is the biggest hoax to be perpetrated in the history of mankind."
"Saturday morning, the 1st of January 2000, Gary North is woken by his alarm clock."
"I believe that if one or two companies cease to operate it will set off a chain reaction. For example: When UPS went on strike for 15 days the world almost turned upside down."
"Thanks for the entertaining website. The most ardent Y2K alarmist I know has a lifestyle that would welcome government chaos so that he wouldn't get caught in his illegal activities."
"I believe that there truly are going to be many problems before the first of the year. It just won't have anything to do with computers! As I get e-mail forwards from people who think Disney is going to give away $6.5 million just for forwarding e-mail, or Honda is going to give away free cars without a limit just for forwarding e-mail, I can't help but be astonished at how many loonies there are out there."
"I bet you're grinning your butt off with all the clamity and worried-to-death people who have emailed you. I know of folks here in Northern California who have sold everything they own. Liquidated their homes, bought RV's in order to be ready to move whereever because of the dimm and doom. This might be good for RV salesman!"
"The 'doomers' may simply be wrong, & let's hope they are. But so far, all the truly idiotic statements I've heard have come from the 'polly' camp."
"Gosh, I am so glad I found your website!! I have passed your sight to numerous folks! I am so glad you have also brought the humor in!"
"The only thing we do know is this is not a tornadoe, hrricane, earthquake, it is a man made problem. I do not trust man. Since this is a man made problem, it is a little bit more concerning."
"Unlike you I'm not sure at all that I'll survive, I'm not a survivalist and I live in Oslo, Norway which is a cold city in the wintertime."
"Perhaps it may be reasonable to stock up on at least one commodity: Beer. What with all the piss-taking going on early next year, stocks will surely run dry."
"I think you're a jerk who doesn't know what you are talking about, but I hope you are right. If you want to stop being an asshole you should visit some of these sites for information written by people who have relevant education and experience."
"A Veteran friend of mine has told me many a story about how ugly people can become in time of crisis.... Besides a few sites like yours, little is said and the Y2K demon does exist in our heads."
"Just wanted to say that I *love* your 'Just a Number' website. Nothing makes me laugh more than the millions of loons who are falling for what I've always believed to be 99% media hype and 1% actual problem."
"I haven't laughed that much in a long time.... They never listen to us programmers! I've been saying things about Y2K for 20+ years. They didn't listen then, now they're panicked. I have to admit, it is fun to watch!"
"Action 2000, the UK government body spending millions of pounds of taxpayers money on justifying their existence, had already said that nothing would probably happen (after predicting dire consequences all last year)."
"Today the newswires are saying 9/9/99 passed and now the problem will be 10/10/2000 because this is the first eight digit number in the new year!! ... thanks for your articles! Keep up the sanity."
"I am a Minister who has studied this Y2K problem, and can tell you that, I think there is about a 70% chance this will happen. I studie the bible as well as the Y2K, and all thoe I see this could happen and be a disaster, the bible says nothing about a y2k problem."
"It makes me angry to see how many people seem to want the government and society to topple so that they can have the kind of world they want. These cowboys are ill-informed and mean-spirited."
"It should belongs to every responsible entity to act as necessary to prevent fear. Here in Europe there's nothing comparable to what i see about that "bug" in the US. It just seems irrelevant."
"Watch out for the loonies midnight 1/1/00. I wonder if they've figured where world will end first, given time zones? Does it mean Europe will fry before North America? What about Isreal where Y2k was about 4000 years ago (I guess they fried then)."
"I am a firm believer that Y2K is simply a juiced-up money machine rolling through, well, practically everyone's life and it will come and go with little or no glitches for the mass (ignorant) public."
"What you said about the y2k loons winning either way ('told you so' or 'it's our work that saved us all') would logically suggest that the best approach is just to buy a six-pack, sit back, and enjoy the show."
"We (us crazy Christians) are not worried about Y2K, nor threatened by its outcome.... We have been through much worse over the centuries and millenia than Y2K, and still our Faith is intact. They threw us to the lion's in Rome, burnt us at the stake prior to and through the Reformation, and on and on. A little Y2K global chaos, destruction and confusion will be a walk in the park."
"I want to thank you for your web site! I caught an article on a sunday morning news show that showed an organization going from community to community preaching about being prepared for the y2k, stocking up on grains and corns, growing their own food, preparing to barter etc. . .and saying that most of us are not doing anything to prepare for it."
"I can't wait to see what G.North and other y2k opportunists have to say when January 2000 passes by with a few inconveniences and computer problems. What will they do when civilization doesn't come to a screeching halt?"
"My prediction: a few minor outages, maybe steet lights or traffic signals here or there, maybe a bank vault will lock up or not, etc. Then all the hysterical goofs will begin to make excuses."
"My husband, father and sister agree with you. My husband is computer tech support, my dad is a programmer (for 30 years) and my sister listens to him. I, on the other hand, have put aside a months worth of canned foods, an extre propane tank for the grill and appropriate winter clothing, with my husband's tloerance."
"Yesterday For example I heard that on August 18 Satan will walk on earth, on the whole globe will dark for the 3 days. In that time we cant look in to the windows, and go in outsite.... Every story making our brains crazy. We dint know what to thing, what to do, Whets the whole thing about?"
"For that 'How much God knowledge do you have?' email posting, is he/she claiming direct divine revelation from God to prepare for this disaster? ... I happen to believe God is on the 'this is way over-hyped and those that panicked will look foolish' side of the issue."
"I just saw a 'new one' posted on a Christian board....someone is telling the rest of the gals to be prepared for your sewer and raw sewage backing up due to Y2K and for 75.00 you can send for a gizmo that you can shut off on Dec. 31 so that this won't happen to you, and your sewage won't back up. It never ends, does it...? I wish I could think of these things."
"A response to the person that said 50+ aged programmers say its going to be a problem...I have talked to many programmers (my husband is one) some of them 50+, My response...LAUGHTER. Come on people, get real. You're the problem."
"Great stuff mate, your right on! I'm in Australia and NZ on New Year so I'm really scared! The bastards have sucked us in again."
"My brother went to Wall Mart last January to by can ham because it was on sale, he bought 10 cases to get ready for the year 2000. He told me not to laugh because I'll be the first one beging him for a can. (I think not)"
"I am waiting for December -- should be fun to watch the action with the last minute panic regarding banks, stocks and generators. Should be some good buys on the market around Dec 26 or so."
"Interesting site, with good conclusions and a complete lack of useful data.... Surely you aren't making an important engineering decision based on personal emotions?"
"I work in the software industry and I am horrified at the people that DO NOT [work in software industry] and profess to be experts on this topic.... Anyway, it is nice to see a voice of reason. Your site cuts through the crap and defines the simplistic date issue for what it is."
"Did you hear about the Y2K tests here in Colorado by the electric utility company? Of course not! Nothing failed!... Now that Y2K is falling apart, crisis advocates are now talking about the sun spots/solar storms coming in March/April. Oh, well - crisis of the moment."
"If you think you can't get (fill in the blank) for 2 weeks, are you prepared? If you can't get those wretched disposable diapers for 2 weeks, and your kid uses a couple or three a day, do you have a back-up plan or do you intend to confine the child to non-carpeted surfaces for the duration?"
"And it is a FACT that MANY systems will never be ready to even test till well in to 2000. My sources? 50+ year old programmers that have been in the biz since punch cards at XEROX."
"I wouldn't find it too strange a thing for Christians to want all hell to break loose so that Jesus could come and help them... how convenient, mix the Millenialist expectations, taken from concoctors and astrologers such as Nostradamus, with the computer bug."
"I don't have my head in the sand concerning the fact that God didn't create this problem..MAN did as usual..If man wasn't so proud and think that they have EVERYTHING IN CONTROL, they might see their need for guidance from above and realize that even as God spoke to Noah about the need for an ark, even thought there hadn't been such a thing as rain as of yet, that BY FAITH he built the ark in obedience to the WARNING God gave him.... You may have alot of PC knowledge, but HOW MUCH GOD KNOWLEDGE DO YOU HAVE??"
"There are very scary billboard ads up with the yellow-eyed chip/bug logo in an hour glass and the slogan, 'The Millennium Bug, six months to go. Have YOU done enough?' I assume these ads are directed at the business community but are in very public places and are freaking a lot of people. My best friend is convinced that the end is nigh and there will be cannibalism by February."
"I think this is the most fun I've had listening to someone who's out of their mind! I've done my research though... then again who would ever listen to an x-crackhead? It sounds to me like you're the one on crack now!"
"Let's not forget the words of Paul Erlich, whose 'Population Bomb' and 'Population Explosion' have been wrong in *two* consecutive generations in predicting the downfall of civilization because of census counts."
"This fulfilled prophecy will completely devastate and panic some high-anxiety people, which will in turn cause a panic of pandemic proportions. Think how many people have been injured just trying to get ahold of a stupid Beanie Baby or Furby during a 'quantities limited' sale?... C'mon guy! Get with the program!"
"I'm in charge of Finances at my company. We actually have an ex-employee that's doing the whole survival thing and, heaven help us, I think they're probably also stockpiling guns, because they want to defend themselves against the less-prepared. So, maybe I should be more careful when I think we've got it covered, but I'm more worried about the Doomsday phobics than the computers."
"Thank you for sanity on the chicken little subject."
"If y2k is a joke- then how come my bank is spending 250 million,(and still not compliant??). Do you think they are that stupid?! Anyway, y2k is a self fulfilling prophesy. The imminent panic is the insurmountable problem!!"
"Did you see that the UK government Y2k task force which a few months ago was wasting the taxpayers money by scaring the population half shitless, has now gone completely the other way, by distributing a leaflet in every Sunday paper called 'Fact not Fiction'?"
"I just completed Y2K code upgrades, workstation compliancy tests, and an entire system rollover -- all tests passed flawlessly. Why? Because of instead of building survbivalist bomb shelters in the woods annd stocking up on SPAM, we went about methodically solving the problems at hand."
"You are way, WAY off in this 'assumption'. It will happen, mark my words on that. Maybe you don't remember what happened on the first day of the year 1970? Some computer company wrote a code with only ONE digit in its coding, so after 9 flipepd to 0, everything using the code was SHUT DOWN. I don't know WHY you think it won't be, but it will."
"The Y2K hysterics are getting mighty quiet as the big day approaches. All the dates Jan 1 1999, April 1 1999 etc.etc. are passing without a hitch. After the dreaded 9/9/99 fails to have even a hiccup, we can expect to see some sanity prevailing even before the big day.... Please reconsider your closing the site next year. We need to have some proof that not all of us were blind sheep."
"I can't agree with you more. I work for a government agency, and my shop has been tasked to work the Y2K issue for the entire base.... My guess is that behind every doomsday prediction is a a slack-jawwed yokel selling ammunition, or tents, or boots, or something along those lines."
"All I can say is, I'll be sitting at home, on Janurary 1st 2000, having a good old laugh at all you highly gullable people who have just lost your dignity in believing one of the biggest fabricated myths of the 20th Century."
"You make strong claims on your site, plenty of covicted opinion (your own), but not a single fact from any reliable source. Amusing at best, but not worth the hard drive space it's written on."
"I'm english. Why do Americans insist on being such ignorant, stupid tossers? The place i work for is finished Y2K testing. All done. No one is shittin their pants about no electricity, no water, conspiracies for christs sake where else could these punters come from but america? i hope it all does f--- up in america, the world'll be a better place without yanks - TWATS."
"We'll probably all get blown away by Y2K survivalists, afraid we're going to steal their bottled water and generators. Or not. Keep the exchange of ideas going, and especially the humor."
"Interesting editorial in our local paper yesterday - BIG BROTHER STAYS HUSH ABOUT Y2K - All I can say is, Very Interesting! We live in NYS. Why are all the NYS Police going to be working New Years Eve?"
"Just as it was said that no one ever got fired for buying an IBM, similarly no one can go wrong employing a Yr 2000 guru. If nothing goes wrong it'll be 'How wise we were' and if it all goes toes up well we'll have done our best AND have someone to blame!"
"Without a doubt, your position reflects an appalling lack of understanding...typical of young, hotshot propeller heads.... At least you do not attribute Y2K to some pile of bizarre theological crap. That crowd is, however, breathing down YOUR neck for looney tunes honors as we approach 1/1/2000."
"I will not try and outline the issue for you, because your comments are intelligent enough that I believe that you have heard the arguments. Regardless of the alleged existence of the Y2K issue, the reaction from society will force the turning of the calendar into a calamity on a global scale. Wake up, man."
"We have prepared modestly for our family of 5, to hopefully withstand a moderate crisis up to and including a depression. Keep in mind that we already have our home in a rural area. Plenty of land with few people surrounded by mountains."
"The doomsayers talk about the wrath of God, they will be the ones who see the wrath of God for deceiving and frightening the hell out of people. One of our neighbor's daughters is so frightened (she's 12) because she thinks that she isn't going to live to be a teenager. It's totally irresponsible and abusive to allow this to happen to a little girl."
"So far as there being a run on the banks. All the banks will have to do is call in all the loans etc. That will make people think twice."
"you're safe...consider this...if nothing happens you're a hero...but if all hell breaks one will be able to contact you...why didn't I think of this...?"
"Personally I feel that the author of this web site has simply put this here posed as a non-believing question to just get a rise out of vulnerable and clueless people. I hope that the Lord forgives you and I also hope you mend your ways and believe what is simple and true...Jesus Christ the Savior!"
"I had to make sure my department was compliant and the worst thing was a moisture tester! Yes, it prints out the first two digits! Worst case, add the stinkin' '20' in front of '00', but it works anyway and is y2k compliant."
"The Y2K bug will be remembered as the idea that people had in their heads which ended up causing more problems than the actual problem itself. The Millenium bug will be remembered as everyone's silly desire to celebrate the end of the Millenium a year early."
"I like your web page, but I haven't found any info on it (so far) that offers any more than an opposing or alternate view to the 'doomsayers'. Thus, I am happily left with my own research and study on the subject, which I wouldn't abdicate anyway!"
"Governments are measuring the success of their Y2K programs by the number of dollars they are pushing into them. i.e. inputs not output. It seems a lot of Y2K programs are based upon 'The Year 2000 as Racket and Ruse' and are dedicated to implementing its principles."
"My primary concern in all this is not the so-called Y2K 'Bug' per se, but the combined effects of all of the things that can and do 'go wrong' on our highly complex and interdependent 'civilization': from solar storms to weird weather patterns of apparently increasing intensity, to the rapidly increasing threat of a globally consuming war of some kind, to the ruthless machinations of the greedy to get 'more', to 'glitches' in computer systems. Not to mention what's happening, finally, to oil prices."
"My dad is a major COBOL programmer from the 70's & 80's with the military. He said exactly the same thing you are. It would be child's play to find the problem and fix it."
"I really do hope that you are correct in your assumptions, but I am still preparing for the potential problems. To do anything less would be harmful and neglectful to my family."
"I agree with you whole heartedly but never would have found the right words to say to those who believe this is it! I'm usually bored surfing around the web, but this was a 'well-worth-it' trip!"
"It sounds to me like you don't have your head quite screwed on straight. Or there are some powerful people who have an agenda we're not aware of yet."

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