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Year 2000 Computer Bug Hoax VIEWER FEEDBACK 1999, Part 1

POSTSCRIPT: This website was frozen on December 31, 1999, as a permanent document on how all of us acted and reacted to the Y2K myth from 1997 to 1999. There will be no updates. Enjoy reading all of the emails, especially the wild ones from 1998. - David Robert Loblaw, 03 January 2000
"Y2K has been responsible for loosening the purse strings around the office.... Y2K has replaced more borderline obsolete equipment than begging, pleading, sabotaging, and direct threats combined."
"I've called and/or e-mailed the companies who make or supply products that I own and use. Mazda told me not to worry---- if my car doesn't start on Jan 1, 2000, it won't be because of the millenium bug. When I asked for that in writing, I was told "No." What am I supposed to believe now?"
"It amazes me how many people who say they will prepare by taking all of their money out of the bank and if nothing happens they will just laugh. If they all take their money out of the banks they will not be laughing. In fact they will probably be robbed."
"This Y2k bug will be a disaster, people in New York for the Ball Drop on December 31, 1999 will be crushed as the ball falls from the sky at 11:59:59 at night and busts into a million pieces of Titanium. Sound's like a Hoax to you? I didn't think so. Good luck on re-programming you BIOS because when the bug hits, you wont be able to fix shit."
"Y2K is a sham ... PCs wont do much even if they're not so-called 'Y2K compliant' the most that will happen is they will go back to Tuesday, March 1st, 1980 big deal."
"Everyone is going to go into a hysteria and start killing random people! I bet its just us, Americans, that are doing this. I bet all the other countries are laughing at us just like with the 'Clinton Scandal.'"
"Our liability insurance company is wanting a letter from the software and hardware companies that their product is year 2000 ready, because the insurance company stated that the Y2k problem is going to be nothing but a 'one big happy lawsuit.'"
"My lights and TV will go dead and I won't see the ball dropping in NY. Now if only I could figure out how to build a kerosene-powered TV set. Can anyone out there help me? I tried watching my TV by candle-light but couldn't see anything."
"unlike websites that outline the problems (for example with embedded chips) yours has no serious info to the contrary. I had been hoping to get some actual good news from your site but there is none!!"
"I plan to have a stress free and enjoyable New Years Eve 1999 and I will laugh my ass off when the computer gurus get on TV and say everything is okay on Jan 1!!!"
"If you think this will stop after the 1st January 2000, you are making a big mistake !!! Dont forget about 29 February (2000 is a leap year). So we will have about a few months of panic."
"It's nice to find a rational site amid this jumble of rumors & myths & fact. I stumbled to your site while watching CNBC Asia.... But some of the things you say that things will go all well is probably only true in advanced countries such as yours...back here in Indonesia, I told my relatives to withdraw cash gradually from the bank, just in case."
"Does this mean the million dollar lab I built for my Fortune 100 company will have to come down on 01/01/00? Damn! Doom and Quake worked so well on those computers."
"You are absolutely right, never has so much hysteria been created by so few numb-nuts.... Mind you, if it provides an opportunity for someone to invade America and burn its capital to the ground (which I have always loved the Canadians for) then that's fine by me."
"I was at a utility seminar this week where the UK gas, electric,water and telecoms all said there will be NO problems. The guy from British Telecom said the only worry they had was 30 million people picking their phone up all at once at 12:01 to see if they had a dialtone."
"I do believe that a lot of freaked people will start selling their stocks before the year is up and that will drive down all the prices. I want to be there to buy everything up at a bargain price."
"After seeing your site, I wonder if my parents and grandparents didn't already know it. We have gas tanks on the farm, a generator in the shed, water from our own well, enough food for a few weeks, and we use a Mac."
"One mans courage to confront the masses with the TRUTH is very refreshing in a world of moronic media brainwashed zombies."
"Isn't it convenient that people use computers to tell the world that computers will end it for all of us?"
"For those looking for a conspiracy, I'd take a closer look at the computer consultants making megabucks off of the unrest they themselves started.... When things settle down a bit, maybe 01/02/00, we can all go back to our lives, and the paranoid can go back to finding faces on Mars."
"The biggest problem is if everyone hits the panic button enmasse, sites like yours may become more important than you think."
"Who do you think you are? Telling the truth to people! Not making money from the problem! I agree, Y2K is a hoax and nobody dares to say it. Computer problems happen all the time."
"You website has a certain flair to it: Realism. It says in plain words that Y2k is just silly."
"You are not God you do not know what is going to happen. But I appreciate your opinions."
"Thank you for posting such a worth-while Y2K page! I agree 100%!!! Let the scam roll-on...."
"Here on the east coast of Florida, anyone who does not have a generator, food, water and other essentials (including cash, weapons, etc.) is a moron or a democrat."
"Scoff if you will. I'd rather play it safe and have some cash and food on hand and be wrong and nopt have to visit the bank or the grocvery store for week or two, then guess wrong and be hungry and unable to do anything about it. (who thinks you may be right but isnt willing to bet on it)."
"Stock markets will crash? So the way I see it, all we are facing is just a global financial collapse (redistribution of wealth) as I see it ... and plenty of new opportunity for new business ventures."
"You know, with all of the media-perpetuated freak-outs over the Y2K problem, it's nice to come across a website like yours which adds a little levity to the situation. Thanks for calming me down, because unfortunately I was one of the people in the masses who was starting to buy into the media frenzy."
"Isn't there a strong possibility that viruses are being/have been created to ensure there will be a problem?"
"My Sociology teacher 4th Mod told my class of the extreme mass destruction the Y2K would cause. His hellish vision also foretold riots, theft, and complete chaos. Granted, my teacher is a minister, and I believe his pessimistic view was influenced by his religious background."
"If it is not a big problem then why did the State of WA announce they are calling out the National Guard? Are you smarter than my Governor and his Tech. aids?"
"Let's see... The end of the world is coming so grab your guns. What's all this got to do with Jesus? Where in the Bible does it say that you know the hour of His coming? If Jesus needs you to head for the hills with guns over a computer software glitch you need Sunday school lessons."
"The reason some people think Japanese systems may not have a problem is that they SOMETIMES use the year of the Emporer's reign, not the Christian calendar. Good Luck!"
"I don't understand this Christian belief that Y2K will bring about the Second Coming. Why would it?? What about this year is any more special than last year, or 1908, or 521 or whatever? Perhaps, since the Year A.D. 2000 just sounds so cool, everyone is anxious to include it in their predictions or beliefs."
"I would like to thank you for a wonderful page that has guided me to the truth and eased my growing fears considerably. Without your page, I may never have had the courage to face 2000."
"What I love are the idiots who respond to your site with malice that you could have the gaul to speak a truth, and not go along with their 'rooster' mentality concerning the millennium nonsense."
"The Only thing that will happen at the ball-drop in NYC is that the damn thing will lose its power before it gets to the bottom because all the braindead of the world will turn their computers on at 23:59:50 and put their fingers in their ears awaiting their monitors exploding -- brownouts will be the only problem."

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