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Year 2000 Computer Bug Hoax VIEWER FEEDBACK 1998, Part 2

POSTSCRIPT: This website was frozen on December 31, 1999, as a permanent document on how all of us acted and reacted to the Y2K myth from 1997 to 1999. There will be no updates. Enjoy reading all of the emails, especially the wild ones from 1998. - David Robert Loblaw, 03 January 2000
"Please take this site down. We sell solar electric systems and equipment, and we are making FAR too much money off of this panic to stop now. Besides, we figure that when nothing happens, we will be able to make even more money buying all that unused equipment back for half price."
"humor eh? OK ? How long do you you think you will hold out till you eat your cats?"
"No one knows when the end will come, not even Jesus. If you truly believe and want to help, get on your knees. And don't forget Who's really in charge."
"How about when the world sat back and laughed at Noah and his family contructing the Ark (because he took heed of God's word about the coming flood) and then all those foolish and unbelieving people died? No one can outsmart God or think themselves above Him. Y2K may not result in complete chaos, yet we should not take it lightly. What can we do in this time of chaos, crisis, and confusion? Seek God, read His word (the Bible), and pray that He may provide us understanding and direction."
"you know it's amazing 3000 web sites and half of congress saying its going to happen and 1 web site and 1 schmuck saying its not! You talk about scams I take it you must be in the Mortuary Business. the good news either way you don't have to be worried about getting sued after Jan 1, 2000."
"I think you've hit the nail right on the head. This is the perfect money making panick haox. If no one would have said anything then there woouldn't have been the money made. a conspiracy theory if i've ever seen one!"
"Only a near sited butt head like yourself would say not to worry about such an obvious problem as y2k. Read Revelations in the Bible, look at what the great prophets have said - everything points to the year 2000. Go ahead and be blind like most of the rest of the world! You know what? I pray that I am wrong! Have a nice oblivion you knucklehead!"
"This web site is obviously an advertisement for the elevator companies! Who's fooling whom? I have been associated with the electronics business since 1956, and the design and manufacture of computers, and y2k is a real nightmare. I wish it were a hoax, but wishing doesn't make it so!"
"All I have to say is: Don't stand in line to use MY outhouse!!! Sincerely, An ignorant, idiotic Moron P.S. But thanks anyway for the site! Those e-mails are a hoot!"
"I am a 12 year veteran in the IT field, and can remember what I was paid to write the code I am now checking for Y2K compliance. Paybacks are hell, and revenge is OHHH so bitterly sweet. I am now being paid 8 times more to debug code that I originally coded."
"Your web page is wonderful. Unfortunately it will not stop people from being stupid. I have learnt since I was young that the basic impulses of human activities are Ignorance, Fear and Superstition."
"I am a Automation Systems Programmer for a major oil company and have been involved with Y2K compliance with our embedded systems in our oil fields and plants. We have completed testing of our Systems and found NO PROBLEMS! There will be plenty of fuel for the Ignorant Idiots that purchase electrical generators and head for the hills of Montana."
"Evidently you don't know Jesus as your Saviour. You'll be running for the hills like everybody else. As for me I'll be here with food and amo. defending my home."
"Love the site, as a year 2000 project manager I totally agree with you. My favorite idea of the moment is to advertise in thee local press offering to do a year 2000 check on peoples microwaves and charge them 10 to tell them its OK."
"I don't really mind total economic chaos, cataclysmic inadvertent launches of nuclear weapons, raw sewage mixing with the water supply or high security prisons having their doors swing wide open, but if my VCR fails to record Seinfeld while I'm out at a New Year's party I'll be really pissed off!"
"Enjoyed your site. After reading the dire predictions spouted at 99% of the other sites I have visited (most of which, it just so happens, want to sell me survival food/supplies/remote cabins/etc.), your site was a welcome breeze of reality."
"Nowhere on your sight do YOU claim to be wise, understanding or omniscient. You're just having fun, right? Fun I can understand."
"You're telling me this is all a scam after I've already stocked 700 lbs. Of dry cat food for my 9 cats, and 500 lbs of dry dogfood for my 3 dogs, not to mention the beans and rice! This had better come off as they've planned, or I'm going to be pissed."
"I have studied both sides of the issue, and I wish that you and everyone involved would simply stop with the sensationalism and, in your case, understatement."
"Congratulations on an excellent site. Most of it is the truth. I am a Christian and I see many evangelists and whatnot jumping on the bandwagon screaming that 1/12000 is doomsday. They try to push books and video tapes down your throat on this subject for a good buck. You gotta laugh!"
"I have to write a paper on Y2K for a computer class and after some searching came across your site. Thank you for your insight and sense of humor."
"What's with this doom and gloom guy De Jager? He's raking in megabucks scaring the bejeezus out of all and sundry. If this man turns out to be a fraud, he should be raked over the coals."
"although i havn't gone as far as stockpiling food, i have, as a precaution, stockpiled ammo! i really hope that this thing turns out to be total chaos! I'm sure that i will be willing to do my part to cull the herd! every nut for himself!"
"Sheeesh, you want to take all the fun out of life? Y2K is the only way I can get my husband to actually build me a chicken coup."
"Well, there is proof afterall that "Humans can be trained". We are told that we should panic, committ suicide, riot , store supplies and freak out over a computer problem. Sorry, but I for one have no intention of doing that. Human Beings throughout history have delt with far worse problems than this and survived."
"You have missed the point. Your looking at the Bear in front of you when you should be looking at the 2000 other Grizzle Bears standing behind him."
"I hope you're right! But just in case I'm stocking up on toilet paper and spam. Oh, and a little prayer wouldn't hurt either."
" charming and somewhat alarmist wife, who tends to gravitate towards apocalyptic escathologies anyway, first became aware of the Millennium bug through the offerings of Gary North. My first clue was a state of hyperventilation that lasted for three days."
"Great site! I'm glad to find others who haven't decided to convert their basements into dry-food, water, and fuel storage. But SOME of the e-mail responses are depressing (I mean for us as a species). Keep up the good work. Remember the words of Dogbert: '2000: It's big! And it's round!'"
"My faith in Human intelligence has been compromised with the uproar of the Y2K problem. I am not afraid of the year 2000 issue, but I am afraid of those that are... I will have Gun and Ammo cocked and ready for any sub-human that will not be able to maintain when 1999 comes to a close... 'FREAKS!'"

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