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Year 2000 Computer Bug Hoax VIEWER FEEDBACK 1998, Part 1

POSTSCRIPT: This website was frozen on December 31, 1999, as a permanent document on how all of us acted and reacted to the Y2K myth from 1997 to 1999. There will be no updates. Enjoy reading all of the emails, especially the wild ones from 1998. - David Robert Loblaw, 03 January 2000
"Dear Sir, A firefighter makes a living fighting fires. A y2k programmer makes a libing fighting programs. Would you dare question the economic integrity, morality, and value of a firefighter? May you survive the fire to come."
"For a while now, I suspected there was nothing behind the hype. It's great to know my instincts were correct. I also just got the worst spam I've ever seen. It begins with a ludicrous pronouncement of doom, then finishes with proselytizing of the christian reconstructionist sort."
"Get real. Wake up you simplistic, technology centred, functional reductionist. Y2K is not only about what happens in the computer system of your company in the highly developed USA…. Read the WebPages to broaden your so far technology centred mind."
"Follow the money. People who are alerting you how bad the Year 2000 problem is usually try to sell you something to 'make it through,' like gold, silver, storeable foods, and so on."
"Yes I think people want chaos/disaster or whatever. Like going to a horror movie. Why do people do that? Boredom? A natural instinct to self-destruct when the clock strikes 12? Who knows but there is a lot of power and energy in this. Enough perhaps to make things happen!"
"I am just waiting for the TV infomercials to start on this Y2K 'get your own Y2K survial kit...beans, freeze dried hot dogs, notebooks, matches, a cord or two of firewood, and iron skillet and a jug of water all yours for 159.99 dial us now at 1-888-S-U-C-K-K-E-R. Please no credit cards, just cash!"
"Interesting to see how many people are taken in by your obviously 'tongue in cheek' site."
"Loved your site. First I was blaming everything on El Nino.... now I can blame my problems on Y2K. My only fear is, what are all the kooks up in the mountains gonna do when nothing happens on 01/01/00. I just hope they aren't armed."
"I believe a more pressing trouble is what the hell will I be going to do on DEC 31, 1999 If Jesus Christ show up I'm going to fill bucket of water and ask him to turn it into wine (a good Cabernet Sauvignon perhaps) because I have a lot questions to ask."
"After seeing a repeating pattern of hype and disaster foretold but without answers, I concluded it was exaggerated out of porportion. It was refreshing to see your site."
"Your sarcasm, refined sense of humour and profound disrespect for the craze deserves the Nobel Prize. The fact that you know what you are saying shines through-out the excellent design of your site."
"I live on the west coast so I'm going to watch the apple drop in NYC and see if the power stays on when it's all over. If not, oh well, I'll be drunk anyway..."
"Your web page is misleading and you don't know the full potential of the Y2K is. Government systems will be y2k complaint in the year 2014."
"As a physician, I knew it had to happen sooner or later, but I really thought it would be much later. A patient came into the office a few months ago extremely worried and agitated about how she wasn't going to be able to get her medication refills next year after the computers crashed. I solved her problem by sending her to a psychiatrist."
"I've been in the computer business for 30 years, there are days I simply loved and there were days that I dreaded. The stroke of midnight Dec., 31, 1999 will be neither. It to me will be just another holiday ... This is one very wonderful way for a lot of propeller heads and lawyers to generate a gross amount of income at at some fools expense."
"I am trying to figure out a way to counter-exploit the exploiters. My only idea is to become an "auditor" of Y2K consultants, where I get the corporate client to let me tell them what they've received for the megabucks paid to the hysteria-makers. But as you have so brightly illuminated, business managers and others will now reject any information that might cast a doubt on their previously ill-informed decision to engage these sheisters."
"Absolutely fantastic website. It's great to see that there is people out there with heads on their shoulders, & not just blocks of wood."
"Just saw your site and noticed that you plan to blame problems that you have at work on Jan. 1, 2000, on the millenium bug. Well, don't worry, as there is a great possibility that your city will most likely have no power (electricity) whatsoever. So don't worry about work, and just work on investing in candles - You'll need them."
"Never before in history has there been the potential for world-wide economic disaster. It will be the beginning of economic and social difficulties transforming into the New World Order. This has been a plan for society for decades. If you believe prophesy, than you know that the Antichrist must be in control of the whole world before Jesus comes back!"
"It is just a number, and it seems to me that people are putting their religious beliefs unto their computers, and the last time I checked, my PC didn't believe in God. Maybe I should ask again?"
"If existing systems only utilize a two digit date to repesent the year, and are incapable of determining that from 99 to 00 is actually 1999 to 2000, what causes people to think that the systems will revert back to 1900? I mean, if the system is incapable of determining it's 2000, why would it be capable of determining it's 1900?"
"Does anyone see bankers, government officials or business executives worrying? That's because they know it's not a big problem. Time consuming, perhaps, and expensive, yes, but as of now, the problem is being dealt with."
"It is difficult to determine who the hoxers are and what there intentions are. You definitely fit into that category. Don't sit there so smuggly and assume that the world is enlightened as much as you seem to be. My feeling is that people who follow your formula of denial are courting disaster for themselves and there uninformed billions around the world."
"While I agree there are too many doomsday'ers out there attaching themselves to this and taking what may turn out to be foolish actions, I've been involved with this issue too and you are just plane misguided."
"I would rather be prepared for Jan 1, 200 and have food, essentials gun and ammo and be prepared for any emergency."
"What about the dozen or so other dates besides 1/1/00 ? 9/9/99 - is going to be far worse 9999 denotes end of input on almost all cobolt applications."
"Eric Hoffer in THE TRUE BELIEVER, written in the early post WWII period, has much of interest to say about fanatics and the people who believe in them and their agendas. All still pertinent today: passes the test of time."
"Nostrodamus was no christian, yet he predicted banks closing and people not getting their money and other pretty scary predictions. That should give everyone something to think about."
"We can make this work or we can prophecy doom and gloom. Your too positive to be unsaved. If you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, then do so -- call on Him."
"Don't blow it, this is buying me a Mercedes."
"If you are wrong and mislead one person from taking action to provide for their survival, may God have mercy on your miserable soul."
"I can't believe that Gary North took your site and credentials SERIOUSLY and even linked this page! (This is a REAL e-mail to add to your bogus ones). You've got a pretty interesting website, for a kid. I liked the flames, as it describes your site well."
"My dog has 3 tongues."
"Your a jerk and suspect your a con yourself. Think we take your word for anything? We dont' Norths word for anything either, we prove it to ourselves."
"I am one of those that leans a little towards y2k being a pretty Significant disruption in our daily lives for a while,(3 to 5 Years)."
"Glad to see there are people who look at these issues sensibly, including humour."
"Funny your so confident, my friend is dating a Y2 programmer at a huge utility company and she is certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that come Jan 1 there will be no gas, electric, or water."
"A 'bug' does not destroy civilization, people do!:) By the way, great way to play devils advocate!"
"bravo to having a brain in this chaotic mess of chicken littles"
"Please on national tv or some thing prove this is a capitalist plot or what ever you called it for i know of many people here in the U.S. whom are taking this very serious stock pileing food the works we are not taking chances so if you have it i beg of you show it"
"After sending you a serious Y2K email, I reconsidered the purpose of your website. I've decided you believe uneducated opinions on Y2K are funny, especially if people are preparing for the end of civilization as we know it. I see no humor in mocking people who may be jumping to conclusions about Y2K."
"Y2K: Will give you something to talk about to the deaf guy sitting next to you on the train."
"The beauracracy that's grown around the issue may very well bring down civilization, but the "bug" won't. The bank I work for is buying a test environment 4 times bigger than their production environment. They won't know what do do with all that computer power after it's all over! Nature hates a vacuum, they'll be able to store a lot of e-mail there."
"I'm betting you are a Socialist and don't believe in God. I think your belief system is in for a shock; athiests find it almost impossible to not believe in man's technology, but that may change bigtime. Good luck!"
"I have been wondering about this myself! And was wondering what religion you are. Do you believe in a God or do you believe that we come from monkeys or what?"
"Hey justanumber - Do you actually take Y2K seriously and just want to get people thinking??? I can't imagine going to so much trouble to argue against it if you actually just think it is hype. I do hope you are just standing by laughing. I think you probably are."
"Poorer countries in continents like South America and Asia, simply have no money or manpower to do the needed fixes. In the year '00' the U.S. might be in farely good condition, but Europe, Asia and the rest of the world (excluding Japan and Hong Kong maybe) will be in deep shit. And this will drag the U.S. knee deep into the shit too."
"Hello non beliver! It is refreshing to see someone with a view other than the doomsday thing.... Best of luck to you! PS see you in the mountains."
"I took a look at your Y2000 site and I think you have done an excellent job of uncovering this scam. I work for * in the I.T. section and I have been telling people exactly what you have said in your page."
"It's true that the chaos probably won't last long. But the question is, how exactly will it be mopped up. Because the 'moppers' are going to control the world."
"The idea of being a naysayer is kind-of appealing and that's a plus for the web site.... But I'd say you should make the site more 'professional' if you're going to be convincing in this regard. Maybe you start a consulting firm specializing in telling people how to get rid of the other consultants."
"you hint at the money that is to be made ... could you please mail me any info you have as to getting started in this line of work i would be very greatfull."
"I am very afraid that people are going to start taking out their investments in droves as 1/1/00 approaches and THAT is going to create a Great WORLDWIDE Depression. The said thing is that the purveyors of the Y2K bug will then say 'See I told you so...' when in fact it will be their fault for instilling such a great sense of fear into the general public."
"Millions of people are going to suffer on 01/01/00. Mostly from champagne hangovers."
"your just another MORON with a stupid opionion. probably 12 years old!!!"
"Whether or not the computer portion of the y2k problem is a scam, maybe especially if it is, the undermining of the faith in the economy may be disastrous."
"wanted to say it is very good and really gets into detail I have alot to learn and a lot more investegations to do."
"Although I agree with you that many people are using this as a way to make money, I believe that there is a real problem here. It is my prediction that the problems that are created by this bug will occur in very small places ... (and) that thousands of these smaller Y2K induced problems will trigger larger negative events."
"I took a look at your year 2000 web site and I think that you make some very good points.... Do I think that many of the extreme predictions are crazy? Yes. Can I possibly know how big the problem will be? Absolutely not. How can you?"
"My son's friend (who's 9) just got a new computer and his brother is telling him stories about the year 2000 and has both of them scared that the computer will be toast on that day. I didn't realize how wide spread this was until I heard that one."
"Y2K will not happen until 2048. K is based on 1024, M (a Roman Numeral) is 1000.... Understatement (as I believe you have done) nor Overstatement will not help."
"I knew this was a scam from the start but as usual the hysterical press saw an opportunity for a scary story that they can use until 00.... Calling it the 'Millennium Bug' is part of the hype. It is really a 'Century Bug.'"
"i've been looking at various pages on the internet concerned with the millenum bug and i was pleased to see your page take a different perspective to all the rest."
"The simple fear of the problem could destroy the stock market gains of the past few years. I hate when that happens."
"I love your site. And for anyone who is overly worked-up about this: 'Ignorance can be overcome. Stupidity lasts forever.'"
"A friend has been pointing me toward many 'doom and gloom' resources on Y2K and I had a feeling I wasn't getting both sides of the story. I asked him if he had seen another side and he said that the other side was supported by clueless people. Finally I decided to look for the other side myself, and I found your page."
"Y2k is a big problem but NOT the end of the world. Ignorant people think it is. And other ignorant people think there is no problem what so ever."
"Any ideas out there on how to cash in on this Y2k stuff no matter how it lands?"
"I can not believe that there are so many people who actually believe the world as we know it will stop dead! My god the first rule of software and computers is that it will fail or give an incorrect response."
"Lovely! Glad to see a site that puts most of this into a nice perspective ... it's good to see somebody explaining what the hell is everyone going on about!"
"'The shrewd man perceives evil & hides, while simpletons continue on & suffer the penalty.' -- PROVERBS 22:3"
"(Y2K) will not cause world wars in the direct sense, but given the Japenese bankers blind statements that they will have no problem with the year 2000(and they are not spending anything on it at this time), there is a possibilty that they will cause major problems for themselves and others."
"Sure, there are a lot of nuts around this issue. There are a lot of fantastic claims.... . If Y2K wasn't difficult, why are huge corporations spending hundreds of millions of dollars to remediate?"
"When I received my new credit card several months ago, (it came with) a message ... 'hundreds of vendors nationwide are already able to accept cards with expiration dates past 2000.' Well, doesn't that make me feel better!"
"you wll have 2 hours and 59 minutes to make 99 years of interest on bank accounts on the east coast if you live on the west coast. EUREKA!!!!!"
"Just to let you know....not only did I enjoy your opinions and information, but I also was very impressed with your site design."
"I am inclined to beleive that we are exagerating this mess, but what about the amount of information, factual or not, concerning this problem that is already in the public domain? ... Since we can't really test our Y2K assumptions until 01/01/2000, what happens when this becomes the scare issue of the quarter? Riots? Bank-runs?"
"Your site is interesting, but you are a member of a minority.... It's easy to discount those who say the missiles will launch automatically and we'll all die happily ever after."
"I still think this is going to be bad- maybe reeeeeeal bad- but will try to remain as objective as possible.... Please help me be less pessimistic about this situation."
"You're right about the fact that there isn't a huge problem, if people recognize how to solve it in a timely manner. There's the rub, I think."
"yada, yada, yada, and the Titanic was unsinkable too."
"Don't worry about it, the way people are preaching the end of the world, you and your co-workers will find companies willing to pay you $250 an hour as a part-time job in the evening about 12 months from now to get them year 2000 'compliant.'"
"I know you haev stated that people are working the problem and that it is not a difficult problem. You are very correct. However, the reason so many people have been playing chicken little is not to rape American Corporations and Governemtn but to get the idiots to start working on the problem."
"I can find information all over the web which talks about specific things that can go wrong because of the "00" being misinterpreted as 1900, but I have never found any skeptic offer any examples that support their view that it's a hoax."
"Have you got any idea what you are talking about? What age are you (or for that matter... how's you IQ doing?)"
"Absolutely Outstanding! It's great to see that there are people who truly understand the situation and are trying to set others straight."
"My daughter and her husband were entering into a financial venture with a friend, and the friend's father. They were going to build a "spec-home". My son-in-law is a civil engineer. Yesterday, the friend pulled out, because his father feels that the house (approx. 6000 sq. ft.) wouldn't sell before the year 2000, the year of Doom's Day."
"Delusional. Irresponsible is another. But perhaps ignorant is most apt ... Do you have any idea what you are talking about? ... I seriously hope you are right. God, I would probably kiss your ass if you turned out to be right."
"You have put doubts in my beliefs. I still don't know what to think. On that night I'll just lay low."
"Without a doubt, its another example of media technophobia and hysteria tactics, a lot of people are making a great deal of money on the back of it."
"I'm going to share your article with a number of my friends and co-workers who will appreciate your 'different approach.'"
"although your site has been a great help debunking the myths of the year 2000 crisis, i still am left with one question? why is the russian mafia doing this? what do they hope to gain?"
"Hey pal, it's all over in 2000!"

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