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Welcome to the world of drinking.This site honors the sometimes forgotten and misunderstood art of slammin down the brews.This page was created by a few college students for YOU the drinkers of the world to enjoy. You may encounter many errors in the page including spelling, grammar, and even in most things we say or do. We appologize, but when you spend the majority of your time drunk its hard to get anything perfect. If you want to add a drinking story or a picture e-mail us.If you want your name added to the Drinkers Hall of Fame then e-mail us and tell us a little about your self and your drinking ablities.YOU MUST Sign The GuestBook . Thanks---

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------- ---- -- It is almost summer and the weather is warming up for some good outdoors drinking. It also is getting close to time for a return to a certain campground for an old tradition that ended and needs to return. --- --- --

---- If you want to see other sites that deal with alcohol in one way or another check out the beer ring, but make sure to check out our site first. For some reason we can't move the damn beer-ring so it's stuck in the middle of our page.----

Visiting Chicago, IL, U.S.A E-mail us and join us for a beer! Not in my town? Don't give up! Check out Pubmates International for other drinkers around the world!

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