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Our Favorite Brews

This is our list of our favorite brews. They may not be the best quality, but they're cheap enough so you can buy plenty. Keep in mind that we are college students and on a limited budget. We live by the golden rule, Quanity Before Quality. We have also heard comments on us drinking lite beers. I am sorry but over the past few years many of us have started to develop some nice guts, we would like to keep them as small as possible(for the ladies of course). Keep drinking!!!

Bud Light

Busch Lite

Old Milwaukee

Milwaukee's Best-Gold Label Only

old Style-Tallboys only

Labatts Blue



Killian's Red

Point Brew

Leinenkugels(spelling)- original & Northwoods


Sea Dog

Steamboat Willies


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Busch Ice



Milwaukee Beast Ice

Mich Golden Draft Light(30pack)

If you have any suggestions or additions to the list, send them to us.