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 Bird Feeding


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Vote to protect the Mourning Dove

Please vote to protect this small and inoffensive bird. VOTE to restore the mourning dove to protected song bird status. Stand up for a bit of beauty, a symbol of peace we all can appreciate in the beautiful outdoors.
FACT: Mourning doves do not damage field crops. Adult birds feed on insects, weed seeds, and grasshoppers during the spring and summer months. In the colder months, they move into the fields and feed on grain spilled by mechanical harvesters.
Keep the Doves protected in your state and country.

Sorry to say some states allow hunters to continue to kill the Doves.
The Doves had been protected since the 1800's in some states of USA.
It was considered a song bird not for game. No longer so.
Doves are no bigger than a Blue Jay or Robin.
People are breaking the food chain. Hawks prey on Doves.
I have noticed in my own backyard less birds of all types. Due to bad weather & predators. Look out smaller birds your fate may be doom.
Look out Dog & Cat owners, your pet may be the next target.
Mourning for the Doves. Also protect the wildlife from your pets.
Pray for all the wild birds and nature who suffer from oil spills or other contamination such as fires, smoke, and poisonous pollution caused by careless humans.

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