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animated image bluebird

image seeds

Food chart

bread & cracker sparrow, blue jay, cardinal, starlings,
chickadee, titmouse

mixed seed

sparrow, doves, & most all other birds
sunflower seed sparrow, blue jay, cardinal, nuthatch,
woodpecker, crows, chickadee,
titmouse, evening grossbeaks
This is a favorite with most all birds
safflower seed cardinal, house finch, woodpecker,
nuthatch, chickadee, titmouse
thistle seed
& niger seed
goldfinch, house finch
peanuts &
peanut hearts
crows will open peanuts out of shells.
blue jay, woodpecker, nuthatch, starling,
chickadee, titmouse
cracked corn doves, geese, ducks, sparrow, cardinal,
starling, titmouse, nuthatch
woodpecker, nuthatch, robin, blue jay,
starling, chickadee, titmouse, catbird, wren
sugar water
No dyes
blueberries robin, house finch, cardinal, starling, blue jay
cherries robin, house finch, oriole, starling
cranberries cardinal, robin, house finch, starling
apple robin, house finch, blue jay, starling,
woodpecker, chickadee, titmouse, cardinal
Note: During Winter
Slice apple, take seed out of cherries split the berries.
Only put out a few pieces at a time till they eat it. It with freeze up!

Special recipes food chart begining
for animated image bluejay the birds continue food chart
Hummingbird Food recipe
1 part sugar TO 4 parts water
(one 4th of a cup of sugar & one cup water)
Stir to disolve, boil water & sugar 2 minutes then cool.
Store in refridgerator. fill feeder with some keep
left over in refrigerator. It can spoil in warm temperatures
Use a bright red feeder to draw the birds to it.
Don't add dye to the water
Wash bird feeder between fillings rinse well!

Microwave Hummingbird Syrup

Homemade Recipe Mix for Suet food chart cont.
image woodpeckers
suet, dry quick oats, lite or unsalted cracker crums,
chunky peanut butter, corn meal. the exact amount
varies to the liquid from suet
Melt in pie pan in 300 degree oven till liquid. Take out
stringy parts. Add tablespoon of chunky peanut butter
stir till evenly mixed then use about a spoonfuls of each of
dry quick uncooked oats, cracker crumbs, corn meal
sprinkle an even small amount of each mix with fork.
Consistancy should be slightly soupy with dry mix added.
set in refridgerator till stiff. cut into size to fit your feeder
them keep unused in feezer or refrigerator till you need
to refill the feeder.

animated image hummingbird bar
Happy Bird Feeding & Watching!
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to caring for wild birds

Feedersanimated image tweety

image bird feeder

Here is a simple Feeder to make (above)

-2- 1x4 12 inch long (sides)

-6- 1x4 14+1/2 inches long
(tray, bottom, & roof)

1+1/4 inch galvanized nails

1 eyebolt, 2 washers, 2 nuts


or varnish
( to finish.

pole mounting hardware
for bottom)
Cut wood to lengths as indicated.
Use 3 of of the 14+1/2 inch boards
to make"H" for tray area. (diagram)
Nail to one side of ther 12 inch board.
All nails go on side 12 " boards.
You can use screws. Drill starting
holes to keep it from splitting the wood.
Sandwich 2 pieces to make
slanting roof between the sides.
Overhang the slant pieces to make roof
top over tray area.
It has to be past bottom tray area.
Check before you nail. Nail them in
place, or use screws to secure.
Drill hole in center of top board roof.
Nail or screw it to top.
Assemble with eyebolt, washers
& nuts to hang up.
Sand any sharp areas to protect birds.
Finish wood as desired with
paint or varnish or leave natural.
Make sure top doesn't let water leak in.
Dry completely before using it.
1 week or more after painting or varnishing.

Put sunflower seeds in one feeder & mixed seeds
in another feeder. Buy suet cakes made by
manufacturers or get a chunk of beef suet
at the meat department at the local
grocery store then put in mesh plastic bag.
Onion or turkey covering mesh bags work well
or you can buy a plastic coated suet holder feeder.
Hang you feeders in trees preferably
where the wind is blocked, the wind chill temperature
can be dangerously low in the dead of winter.
Watch out for PREDATORS - cats - raccoons - hawks.
Plant bushes & evergreens so the the birds
have a chance for a longer life for you to watch & enjoy.
Don't discard your real Christmas tree,
set it out in the yard or tie to a stake
in the ground for birds to use near a feeder
to hide and rest in. Make sure you take
ALL the decorations OFF, it can cause birds to strangle.
Some needles stay on the tree with rain & snow untill spring time.

to caring for wild birds

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