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Bird Feeding Greetings

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Weather Conditions (choose your area)

Bird Identification tip display list
Search through the birds list translation different languages
50 State List - Official Birds has Audubon artwork

bird video

Seattle Washington wild bird cam has real video of hummingbird too
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Birds

National Bird Aviary Pittsburgh, PA
National Audubon Society
Peterson On Line
Birds of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
Rare Bird Alerts
Audubon Watercolors of North American Birds
Texas Wild Birds birds of Sugar Land, Texas some streaming real video

Cat Facts
The Peregrine Fund great info and photos of hawks and others birds
FLMNH bird photos archive detailed photographs of south eastern usa birds
Penguins at Sea World

Wild Bird Care Centre Canada
Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) a registered charity helping birds
Project Wildlife more help for the birds
Tri-state Rescue Research Center in Newark, Delaware

Temporary! Care of a Baby Bird note: wild birds need special formula food
Care for Baby Birds List of types of birds and what they can eat

Bird Audio

Bird Songs (audio of different bird calls)
Ed Central Bird Song Central (real audio-know your bird songs)

Virginia Belmont pet /wild birds
(real audio of more birds sing & talk)
Florida wild bird songs (.wav format)

Midi Music Search type the song title find it from many listing here



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