"Author Michael Aubrecht brought enlightenment and intrigue to the Manassas Museum through his presentation on his book 'The Southern Cross: a Civil War Devotional' that left his audience eager to learn more, and we await his return with his new book. Michael is invited back to the Manassas Museum anytime because he proved to be well prepared and educated presenter; he brought his own presentation, he arrived at the specified time, he listened to the audience's stories without hesitation, was well spoken, and receptive to the audience's questions." - Nicole D. Wilfong, Public Program Coordinator, Manassas Museum

Presentations, Radio, Book Signings, Online Chats, Tours, Promos

Michael Aubrecht is periodically available for guest speaking, book signing engagements, and online chat presentations. He can provide both print and online advertising materials. These materials may include press-ready black & white print ads, email blasts, and/or promotional flyers. Fees determined by location and length of session. Books may be purchased in advance from the publisher, or provided by the author. Travel expenses are negotiable. Power Point projection requested for speaking events. Michael will provide media on CD. *Discounts and/or fees waived for church, military, heritage, and non-profit groups. Please Email for booking information and schedule availability.


Sept. 15, 2007 Spotsylvania Presbyterian Men's Ministry Breakfast
The overall theme of this 30 min. presentation was "Faith under Fire: Discipleship during the Civil War." This talk was a prelude to the church's new 'Discipleship Challenge' program that was starting for the fall. Beginning with a short commentary on Civil War memory, it then presented the definition of a 'disciple,' followed by six Christian stories of varying degrees of discipleship.

March 19, 2008 Lee's Hill '55 Club (South Community Center)
This presentation used digital satellite maps and VA roadside markers to highlight noteworthy historical sites in and around the Lee's Hill Community.

April 24, 2008 Spotsylvania Presbyterian Community Lecture Series
This 90 min. lecture was presented in conjunction with SPC's Adult Ministry program and focused on the histories of Fredericksburg's landmark churches during the War Between the States and Reconstruction Era. Special attention was given to the multi-racial perspectives of the town's citizens.

May 28, 2008 Fredericksburg Civil War Roundtable (Mary Washington University, Jepson Alumni Center)
This 40 min. program presented the life, death and legacy of Richard R. Kirkland "The Angel of Marye's Heights." It also examined the historical memory of the event and how the country has chosen to both celebrate and commemorate the story.

August 25, 2008 Manassas Museum: Lunchtime Lecture Series
This 45 minute presentation shared five stories relating to the positive role that religion played in the Civil War. Topics included the Great Revival, Stonewall Jackson and chaplains in the army, Oliver Howard: soldier and civil right's advocate, Jefferson Davis' multi-denominational cabinet, and Father William Corby, chaplain of the Irish Brigade.

January 20, 2009 Maury Commons Heritage Center
30+ min. talk to the ladies of Kappa Delta Gamma (Beta Eta Chapter), a sorority of retired educators, on my process for historical research and writing.

March 11, 2009 Spotsylvania Presbyterian Church (Christian Classics)
This 60-minute talk on the book "Christ In The Camp" by Rev. J. William Jones details the role that religion played in the Army of Northern Virginia. From the establishment of chaplains in the Confederate army to the 'Great Revival,' Jones' recollections show how faith can aid us in times of war.

March 20, 2009 Manassas Museum (Friday Evening Talk)
This 60-minute talk discussed the split between the whites and blacks attending Fredericksburg Baptist, resulting in Shiloh Baptist (Old Site), as well as the denominational split between the Methodist church over the issue of slavery.

September 12, 2009 Pittsburgh Writer's Project
This 2-hour lecture presented an overview of how I researched materials for my book on Fredericksburg's historical churches and ten tips for conducting effective research and applying it to any genre.

POSTPONED Stafford County Courthouse Administration Center
30+ min. presentation to the Stafford Historical Society on the experiences of Stafford County's churches during the Civil War.

June 19, 2010 Annual CWHC Muster (Banquet Dinner)
"Jackson's Journey: Stonewall in the Valley" will present a look at a brilliant military campaign that forged the legacy of a lion.

TBD U.S. Christian Commission Museum, Gettysburg, PA
Great Revival presentation and book signing.

TBD Soldier's Life Museum, Fredericksburg, VA
Civil War Baseball presentation and book signing.


Oct. 2, 2007 Voice America: 'Championship Thinking' with Jim Meier
Chess as a Tool for Developing Baseball Intelligence: Chess is a tremendous tool for developing athletic intelligence. Among core skills chess teaches baseball coaches and players are: strategy, patience, observation, visualization, trend analysis, concentration, resources relationships and intuition. Join Michael Aubrecht and your host as they make the connection intending to strengthen your game from the neck up.

Nov. 11, 2008 Voice America: 'Championship Thinking' with Jim Meier
Baseball During the Civil War: This period in American history provides lessons coaches can still use today. These include: Positive psychological benefits of baseball (escapism from the horrors of war), Camaraderie between teammates (soldiers from different states playing together), Teamwork on the field and off (success on the baseball field translated on battlefield) and Bringing together the community (to watch impromptu games).

Book Signings:

April 8-9 2006 Gathering of Eagles I: Rockingham Fair Grounds
This exhibition featured a series of public debates and Q&A sessions that were ultimately designed to enlighten all who desire to learn the true causes and effects of the War Between the States.

June 2-3 2007 Gathering of Eagles II: Winchester Courthouse Museum
This educational experience offered living historians and speakers on the events surrounding the Civil War and was the one event having the greatest number of Generals from both the Confederate and Union armies.

June 7-8 2008 Gathering of Eagles III: Winchester Courthouse Museum

Sept. 7, 2008 Spotsylvania Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall)

Oct. 3, 2008 HOH Book Release Party (CW Life Soldier's Museum)
This party featured a brief author talk, book sale/signing, hors d'oeuvre and dessert buffet, live music, free access to museum exhibits and a gift basket raffle to benefit the National Civil War Life Foundation.

Nov. 15, 2008 Civil War Authors Day: Gray Ghost Vineyards
This event featured both wines for the holidays and renowned Civil War Authors who were in attendance to autograph books and bring Civil War to life. Visitors enjoyed vignettes throughout the day. Historians included Charles Batch, Peter A. Brown, Eric Buckland, Gregg Dudding, Thomas Evans, Don Hakenson, Clint Johnson, James Lewis, Chuck Mauro, Joseph McKinney, Robert Driver Jr, Ed Trexler, and Kim Holien.

*See presentations above for additional book signing engagements.

Online Presentations:

Oct 29, 2006 ACW Home Chatroom: For God and Country
Topics: Chaplains in the Confederacy, Stonewall's Sunday School for Slave Children, Oliver Howard: Battlefield Believer, Father Corby: Priest of the Irish Brigade, and The Double-Edge Sword of Theology

Oct. 14, 2007 ACW Home Chatroom: J.E.B. Stuart: Christian Cavalier
Topics: From a Boy to a Man, From a Man to a Soldier, From a Soldier to a General, From a General to a Legend

Walking Tours:

Dates TBD Battlefield Blessings: The Angel of Marye's Heights
This special program includes a walking tour of the stone wall and field, an "Angel of Marye's Heights" presentation at the Kirkland Monument (including a reading of Sgt. Kirkland's personal letters), a correlation of acts to Biblical scripture, and a special prayer service at the nearby National Cemetery.


Leader Guide - Attendee Guide Based on SPC member Michael Aubrecht’s book “Onward Christian Soldier” this course teaches what it truly means to be a prayer warrior by focusing on Christian principles for lifestyle and leadership. This history/theology course will include a viewing of ‘Still Standing’ and conclude with a special field trip to the nearby Stonewall Jackson Shrine. Leader: Michael Aubrecht. Requirements: Bible (KJV preferred), The book will be offered for sale during Fellowship time today at a discounted price of $12. Workbooks will be provided at no cost. The Study starts Wednesday, September 10, at 6:30 p.m.

Event Planning / Assistance:

Sept. 20, 2008 'Grant's Council' Re-enactment (Massaponax Church)
Provided assistance to Civil War Life Soldier's Museum period-photographer Terry Thomann with scene set-up and subject posing (including actual pews, wagons, horses and re-enactors), as well as conveying shoot directions on set via the photographer who was located at a camera station in balcony. Also helped with wet-plate camera equipment set-up and break-down.

Oct. 3, 2008 HOH Book Release Party (CW Life Soldier's Museum)
This party featured a brief author talk, book sale/signing, hors d'oeuvre and dessert buffet, live music, free access to museum exhibits and a gift basket raffle to benefit the National Civil War Life Foundation. Provided design for invitations, posters, flyers, email blasts and webpage. Also created a 70-photo kiosk (slide show) presentation, table theme signs and place settings. Commissioned musician, raffle donations and food. Coordinated promotion with local papers, radio, and web.

TBD: 19th-Century Baseball Tournament (2009 Spotsylvania County Fair) Providing historical 19th-century baseball expertise and league coordination.




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