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PSP Gallery

This is a gallery of my Paint Shop Pro images created using filters, and other techniques.

My first image was created by using the lasso tool and creating several slightly interlocking ireegular pieces. I thien applied a gradient to each piece and used the soft plastic filter to give it a 3-D look.

My next image was created by making an irregualr selection on the side and coloring it white. Then, I took the paint brush tool and created a zig-zaggy green line. I twirled the image and applied a soft plastic filter to it.

The third image in my gallery was made by inserting various picture tubes to create a surreal image ocanycanes falling from lightning. I added a sunburst in the upper left corner, and negatived the whole image...This one is one of my favorites.

Image number four is probably my favorite. It was created by putting a large area of a gradient in the center, and smaller ones in every corner. I duplicated the center of the large one and swirled it's background a little more thant the foreground. The corners were also swirled and the soft plastic filter was applied.

Image 5 was very simple to create I made a simple design with the paint brush, swirled it, and then applied soft plastic.

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