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Now that I have shown you how to set up a framework, I'll show you how to begin personalizing the data. Probably the first thing that any website builder should work with is the <body> tag. Inside the body tag is where you can specify a base font and link color. You can also specify the background color here, or put in an image in its place. To begin editing the <body>, make the same setup I showed you before:


Content of page goes here.


What we are going to focus on is the first body tag. Inside the bracket things, you will need to specify several things: text, link, vlink (visited link), alink (active link), and bgcolor (background color) or background (to specify a background image). All of the colors will be in the hexadecimal form. See the menu on the side for a color chart that will help you to select and match colors.

The body tag should look like this when you throw in the new specifications I have given you:

<body bgcolor=000000 text=ffffff link=f5f5dc alink=c0c0c0 vlink=ff0000>

Now, a recap...The background color for the page will be black, the text color will be white, and don't worry about the links yet...Linking is covered a little further on.

Once you have edited your body tag, the whole thing that you have set up should look like this:

<body bgcolor=000000 text=ffffff link=f5f5dc alink=c0c0c0 vlink=ff0000>

Content of page goes here.


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