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To get started in HTML, you must first understand its basic principles. HTML is composed of a series of "tags". These tags will always take the form of <***>, with the * representing whatever command you want to put in. For example, the basic setup tags for a webpage will look like this:


Content of page goes here.


Note the bottom tags have a / before the word inside them. For most tags, this is how you close them or tell them to stop working. The first <html> is always the first tag you put in when building a webpage. It tells the web browser that this is an HTML file, and that it should follow the rules of HTML to display the page correctly.

The first <body> is the opening tag for the body of the page. The body of the page is where the majority of the content is located. In these tutorials, the commands that I show you will always go in between to two body tags unless otherwise noted. Note that you do not have to close out the <html> and the <body> tags, but it is good to get into the habit so you don't run into problems with the other HTML tags.

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