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HTML Lessons

-Getting Started

-Page Setup

-Text Manipulation

-Linking Text/Images

-Basic Tables

-More on Tables


-Test Your Skills

-Credits Page

-Main Page
-Cemetery Photography

-E-mail me

-Sign my guestbook

This page is dedicated to those who have helped me in developing this website. I would like to thank the following people specifically for their assistance.

Mr. Molino, My Computers teacher.

Ricardo, The dude who sits next to me in Computers class.

Webopedia, for some definitions of terms.

Webmonkey, for other technical assistance.

The rest of the page was designed an created by me. The design that I used is the same one that I often use in making webpages. Having the whole page constructed with tables with a menu on the left and content on the right is the most efficient way that I have found the make a reasonably simple website.

Feel free to sign my guestbook with comments about this site and its tutorials. You can also check out my page of cemetery photography by clicking on its link on the menu.

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