More Shameless Self Promotion!

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Zelda and she wrote stories with lots of swearing and other evil things. Yes kids, everything Zelda's written is probably going to warp your little brains. Oh well! Somebody has to do it sometime, right?

Why look, kids! Zelda's started writing at 4 AM again...come read her pretty new segment on how Pokemon can scar you for life!

Short Fics

We've done some reorganizing, kids! Some of these require some Unaired Episodes knowledge, some don't...

Yay! Poke-speech(sort of...)fun! Hurrah!(read the UA's first, if you haven't already...)

Another frightening sort of story. Yes, it's Zelda's first shishi fic! Well, if the sub-plot of Unaired #20 doesn't count...Ash's Little Secret

And in the spirit of Zelda's first shishi fic, here's Zelda's first yuri fic!(still untitled and with as much raw, uncensored, wild girl on girl action as there was boy on boy action in Ash's Little Secret)Zelda's First Yuri Fic

This one isn't really a first...well, unless you didn't know about my whole cross-dressing thing. A Belated Valentine's Day Gift

And still more yuri! Whoo-hoo! With slightly more girl on girl action than the first one! Untitled Yuri with a Side of Original Characters

The slashy fun continues. Zelda's First PokePalletshipping Fic


This is the first of my unaired episodes series. Ash just happens to be carrying around a naked picture of Jesse which naturally causes a bit of a conflict... Unaired Episode #1

No, there's no nudity or rare candy in this one, but it does have Butch and Cassidy! Huzzah! Unaired Episode #2

Deloreans, Rare Candy, and Professor Oak's mysterious past...what more could you ask for? Skillfully written prose? Well, okay, but besides that!Unaired Episode #3

Ash takes a stupid bet: that he can be Jesse and James better than Jesse and James can. And who are those mysterious new Team Rocket members? Unaired Episode #4

Halloween! My favorite holiday! And now you can celebrate it with Team Rocket! Yay! And it's only one day late so far!Unaired Episode #5

Gary's first Unaired Episodes appearence! This one's for all you Gary fans out there! Unaired Episode #6

Gary's second appearence!(it's a two parter)It's still for all you Gary fans and, of course, the 80's kids out there. Unaired Episode #7

In Unaired Episode #8, we all learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of alcohol. And the Sailor Moon drinking game!

Clay and Allison, bless their made up little hearts, reappear(again)and make trouble. Those bi--um, loveable scamps!Unaired Episode #9

Laundry day! Yes, even Team Rocket has to clean their clothes sometime...Unaired Episode #10

We all love Scooby-Doo rip-offs, right? Look, I couldn't think of anything else, okay? Unaired Episode #11

More Reawor! Yes, in a funtastic surrealism party, Jesse and James disguise themselves as Team Mafia! Unaired Episode #12

After all those years, J+J start earning their badges! Unaired Episode #13

I don't know quite where this 'un fits in(or if it does at all)but I finally finished and loaded up my Christmas special(my secret? I started in October) Happy Holidays!

In true Jetsons fashion, Jesse and James get fired, then rehired as vice presidents!Unaired Episode #14

Wow...and it's only a day late...Happy Valentine's Day, all! My Valentine's Day Special

What you've all been waiting for! The overused Clay and Allison reveal the secrets of their mysterious pasts...Unaried Episode #15

In this very special Unaired Episode, we all learn about roofies. Unaired Episode #16

After putting up with them for 10+ stories, everyone finally gets to know what the deal is with Clay and Allison. Zelda might go back to writing about J+J some time in the near future...Unaired Episode #17

What could be more fun than a visit from Sexual Harassment Snorlax? LIstening to Misty's Song? Well, okay... Unaired Episode #18

The obsession begins...what will happen to our heroes once the tribe has spoken?Unaired Episode #19

Everybody gets their groove on...and it lasts for 4 whole parts! Whoo whoo! Unaired Episode #20


Look, kids! OAVs! Well, some of them are, some aren't. Naturally, no one was stupid enough to challenge me to write about myself, but my current epic(based on two challenges at the moment...)is here....this is basically where you sit through all the stuff that mailing lists give me to distract me from writing the next Unaired Episode. ^_~

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 1

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 2

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 3

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 4

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 5

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 6

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 7

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 8

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 9

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 10

I Accept Your Challenge, Part 11

And something new!(like I needed to give into another challenge after this one...)It's the Anime Adult Challenge Fic!

Well, I finally gave into the temptation, kids...Jesse and James have a new recruit! I feel so dirty...The Extremely Vain Unaired Episode

Beat me with a stick and call me a sell-out! Zelda interviews TR! I am so out of ideas...

My April Fool's Day special! Huzzah! Hoo-ha!

Tracey finally gets some sweet, sweet lovin'. Don't get too excited, kids. If you can't stand Clay and Allison, don't click onFat Naked Tracey!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4/Epilogue


Yay! Weird junk! This is the stuff that I wrote but that has utterly nothing to do with my regular series.

My Sailor Moon Cross-Over! Instead of the usual, average, every day "Jesse and Misty are Sailor Scouts and James is Tuxedo Mask and everyone else is oblivious" this one's got a Zelda twist. Hee hee hee...

America's favorite cherubs crossed with America's favorite import craze. Yes, the Olsen Twins meet the Beetles! But for now, here's South Poke!

What would happen if Team Rocket didn't come back? Well, I'd probably switch over to Monster Rancher(go, big evil dog thing! Whooo!)Let's Find Out!

Yay! My Lion King crossover! This is one messed up ride, kiddies...Joto purupuru aina!

The crossovers just more and more sadistic...God Help Us All!

Happy Shiney Picture

Here are some of Zelda's crude drawings. Whoo-whoo!

Look kids!It's pathetic stick figure versions of Clay, Allison, and Vaporeon!

More pathetic stick figures I drew while loopy!(run and hide, cherubs. I've got a whole stack of these just waiting to be scanned!)Who's that pokemon?

A nice little pic for Fat Naked Tracey. It doesn't really illustrate any scene in particular...but...uhm, I liked it. Bastards.