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Shortcuts to Common Abbreviations and Acronyms

Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. An electronic module that combines the transmitting and receiving circuitry needed for asynchronous transmission over a serial line.
To recover an accidentally deleted file. DOS 5 and later provides the UNDELETE command, but many of the popular utility programs, which often have a much better user interface and are therefore easier to use.
undelete program
A utility program that recovers deleted or damaged files from a disk. A file can be deleted accidentally, or can become inaccessible when part of the file's control information is lost.
The process of recovering an accidentally formatted disk.
unformat program
A utility program that recovers files and directories after a disk has been formatted by accident.
uninterruptible power supply
An alternative power source, usually a set of batteries, used to powr a computer system if the normal power service is interrupted or fails below acceptable levels.
A 32-bit,multiuser,multitasking,portable operating system originally developed by aT&T, now owned by Novell. Unix is available on a huge range of computational hardware, from a PC to a Cray, and is also available in other, related forms. See Solaris,Linux, AIX, and A/UX. Majority of computers that make up the Internet run Unix or some form of it.
unmoderated newsgroup
A USENET newsgroup or mailing list in which posts are not subject to review before distribution.
The process of installing a newer and more powerful version of a software package or a piece of hardware. It can also mean a new and more powerful version of an existing system.
upgradable computer
A computer system specifically designed to be upgraded as technology advances.
In communications, sending a file or files from one computer to another over a network using a modem ( or whatever the medium may be.)
upper memory block
UMB. The memory between 640KB and 1MB in an IBM-compatible computer running DOS was originally reserved for system and video use;however, not all the space is used, and the unused portions are known as upper memory blocks.
upward compatibility
The design of software so as to function with other, more powerful, products likely to become available in the short term. The use of standards makes upward compatibility much easier to achieve.
Uniform Resource Locator. A method of accessing Internet resources. URLs contain information about both the access method to use and also about the resource itself, and are used by Web browsers to connect you directly to a specific document or page on the World Wide Web, without you having to know where that resouce is located physically.
Universal Serial Bus. A peripheral bus "standard" that allows computer peripherals to be automatically configured as soon as they are physically attached. It will allow up to 127 devices to run simultaneously on a computer. Mbps may differ.
Contraction of USEr NETwork. An international, non-commercial network, linking many thousands of Unix sites.
USENET newsgroups
The individual discussion groups within USENET.
user group
A voluntary group of users of a specific computer or software package, who meet to share tips and listen to industry experts.
utility program
A small program, or set of small programs, that supports the OS by providing additional services that the OS does not provide. Some services they commonly provide are: disk backup, disk optimization, file recovery, safe formatting, and resource editing.
1. To convert a text file created by the Unix uuencode utility back into its original binary form.
2.The name of the utility program that performs a text-to-binary file conversion.
1.To convert a binary file such as a graphical image into a text file so that the file can be sent over the Internet as a part of an e-mail message. To view this file it must go through the Unix uudecode utility.
2.The name of the utility that performs a binary-to-text file conversion.

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